Anyone going to SVB?

I’ll be there to represent (allbeit poorly), wondered who else is comming along to try and tame the beast that is daigo. :karate:

I’m not!

we’re doing this by elimination, right?

Ha well its certainly a valid way of going about it. Oh and i saw that video of you vs that 11,000 bp guile with your el furte mask on nearly died laughing.

I’m considering entering the tournament just for the hell of it. Still got loads of leveling up to do if I even want to make it past the first day though…

I’m going for the experience of it all. I can’t wait…

I’d love to but I’m too broke.
I think my friend Speedboat’s going, though I have to show him some Abel tricks.

Irish Abels represent!

im going and am relying on going out first day cause ive got a busy weekend. lol.

I’m there and I’ll be looking to do well this year

what where when?

yo natty imma be in london this sept :rofl:

Highly underprepared but I’m going, all I have is Abel so I’ll be using him throughout. Also my first “Real” tourney so am a bit nervous :stuck_out_tongue: I totally need to start practicing but everyound around me sucks balls so I can only really do training room stuff at the mo.

Biggest UK tournament but its in August so you’re gonna miss out

However there should be some smaller tournaments about, its a shame ssf4 ain’t in the arcades because london had a nice little arcade scene during vanilla times

I’m not even gonna be in london from about the 20th of September but I can still show you the places to go, hook you up etc as long as you’re willing to share that japanese abel technology lol


Anyone fancy meeting up for a few drinks to unwind after the intense first day? Would be nice to meet all the UK abels ive got samurai drew heading down to stay at mine before the tournie so we should deffo get a few of us together.

good luck to fellow abel players!

im only going to be in london for 3 days 2 nights (though i think more like 2 days 2 nights)… im planning to checkout the arcades at night since im going to do the obvious touristy stuff during the day lol

then im off to liverpool for like 3 days lol any abel players in liverpool? :shrugs:

Oh word drew is making the trip down?
He has a pretty heavy Abel from what I’ve seen.

It’s right smack in the middle of Ramadhan so I have to stay NAH for a this month at least.

I’m always up for beers bro, would be good to meet up after seeing the groups maybe we can help each other out a bit if we know some of the players each of us are facing (Although I doubt it will help too much it might calm the nerves a bit :P)

Ill PM you my mobile number and if you do the same ill give you a shout after/before everything kicks off on friday.

No more takers for a abel get together?

I’ll be going to SVB with my Abel

So I totally screwed up by not reading the website (And thinking I can register for the tourney on the day) so I won’t be in the main tourney :frowning: however I’ll be there for the casuals fo shoooo

EDIT: Nm managed to get entry :slight_smile:

One more Abel coming, just for casuals, mvc2 and mvc3. Natty ur MM Logan Sama right? What day will tht b?

Yeah ft5 for £50 not sure what day Friday or Saturday probably

Friday most probably