Anyone going without a select button?


Just wondering if anyone has a stick without a select button…due to some unfortunate stuff happening it seems like for now the cheapest thing to do is make it so that my stick only has start + home.

Do any games require or make use of select? >_>;;


Hard to say since every game is different, I believe Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 uses select for something in training/practice mode. In general most Arcade fighters rarely uses Select. Is the the same SE you talked about tin the other thread?


It’s a Hori EX2 with a PS360 PCB inside. Debating whether I should try to cobble together a daughterboard fix or just give up on a select button.


One of my sticks I have SELECT mapped to :d:
Comes in handy when I need to update MC fw.


That’s kind of odd…doesn’t that mean the stick is hitting select every time you move your joystick downwards?


Arcsys games use select for training mode and character selection so its kind of need. I don’t think i ever use the home button and none of my customs have a home button.


I have Blazblue but I don’t remember needing select for character selection…

I think a home button would be useful for tourneys and changing controller number, wouldn’t it? I play with lots of other people and we’re always hotswapping stuff.


that would be cool to make home + start = select


MvC2/3 uses select to Taunt. Which i use. Any time i drop an opponent character or catch someone in a Tron lunch rush. I make her laugh.

Select = necessity (for me anyway :p)


just make start+select = home. Otherwise youll have the guide come up everytime you want to hit select. Also sf4 uses it online to save replays.


I use Guide instead of Back on 360. On older systems I use Select. It’s often necessary for ‘insert coin’ etc.


I have Select on mine since it’s what I use to control the LEDs.


Then it should be pretty trivial to wire start, select/back, and a home/guide to the matching buttons on the top of the stick. Ditto for the other two play buttons (RB LB I think?)


The problem is the four little buttons up top are like pad buttons - they push down with rubber on the daughterboard pcbs underneath them. On one side, this daughterboard is damaged and I can’t seem to solder wires leading to the PS360. Therefore, I only have 2 out of 4 functioning buttons on the top.

Unless I can get a new daughterboard and wire it up to the PS360, I’m stuck with a 8 button stick. (Six face buttons, two up top.)


I didnt have an LB for the longest till MvC3 needed it for reserver teams.
On my agetec dreamcast stick I just soldered 2 wires and have em dangling in front of the vmu screen. just touch em together…