Anyone good in speed 5?

i am going to play cvs2 in hong kong next month, but i heard there are all speed 5 in arcade there.

i had tried few games in speed 5, but i found some funny thing in speed 5…
Hibiki lvl.3 super (go into dark screen one), after hit the opponent and she (hibiki) is still in her finishing post, but the opponent already recovered/wake-up and can give her a painful combos!
Is it got something wrong in speed 5???

Anyone got good suggestion for Groove & Characters in speed 5?
i want to train a new team b4 go there. :smiley:

i played some speed 5 the last time i went to HK
shit was pretty wack

if you really want to abuse the speed then i suggest picking characters with fast jump-ins or rolls or something

the last time i went people weren’t really used to me abusing RC’s or playing against k-cbs… not sure how much it’s evolved over there, but i don’t think there was ever a huge cvs2 scene to begin with. i was only able to find a few players, but you can browse some HK msg boards to let people know you’re going before hand.

but yeah, don’t be expecting any crazy cvs2 arcade comp or anything
you might as well just meet up at someone’s aptmnt and play on ps2

Where did you get that PTF icon? that thing looks cool.

fast jump-ins or rolls??
oic, ill try out N-iori, vega & sagat… but, just worry it is too fast, (had been try speed 5 few days… ) now hard to come back speed 3 combo in my local arcade…

No much worry for the challengers cos i had been attended a Hk forum to ‘announce’ my attendance there. ^^’ (luckily i knew some chinese word)
Now, still dont know how to get to the arcade there yet…
Heard that there are quite good in rc too.

Forgot stole it from Hk forum (
or China forum ( ^^’

Yours is very creative too, make it “paint…” haha.

pick vega and spam those damn jumpins/throws/c.:mk:

Vega is sure my main char in speed.

Thinking to use K-groove only in speed 5.
K-Vega, Blanka & r2-Sagat.