Anyone got a copy of the Mugen game peeps were AI money matchin in the back?

if so, someone send me that shit. that was dope. :clap:

Just look around. Google that shit up. forums has a link to the Everything vs Everything screenpack. You’ll have to find the characters yourself, but I know Evil Ken and Evil Ryu came from Mugen Institute, and you can find Evil Dan at Mugen Nation.

the game was alex p

If anyone finds it PM that shit down.

yeah. pm that shit if you have it please. thanks in advance!

If you want the same exact copy that Alex P had, it would be around 300MB. All of that was customized. He had hella characters, each char is about 6mb big. Then he had custom bars and fight intro. And then he had custom levels.

Like I said, the custom thing he had was Everything vs Everything. there’s a link to it on the downloads section.

You usually can only download characters one at a time, same with stages. Kind of sucks.

yeah, that’s what i was afraid of. all this shit has to be done one by one. oh well, i better get started. =T

i cant get mugen to work on my comp :frowning:

Kai i got cds with 200 chars/stages/music and crap all together and crap…just good luck gettin it to work on windows xp.

Hey TheGreaterForce, you should upload that shit :slight_smile:

Too bad my MUGEN thread from a few years ago got deleted in the 29347234879th General Discussion pruning. It answered all these questions and gave (most likely broken by now) links to everything you needed to get started. I’ll probably make another FAQ soon, but be warned that it’s a bitch to get it working with Windows XP, and that you’ll need to convert some DOS characters for use with WinMUGEN (Evil Ken/Ryu).


I’m super lucky then, I must’ve downloaded a Winmugen patch that allows me to run those two guys.

Was Everything VS Everything really used at the EVO tournament?

Heh, I wish I could have went, but I didn’t have the money to travel to Vegas. Just curious but did the screen pack look anything like this?..

I’m the creator of it so thats why I ask.

BTW anyone got any pics of that game or no? The one that was shown at EVO? The new one I’m working on implements a new select by category. So it will have a capacity of 10,000 characters. So the select layout will change. It will just show the two character portraits and a list of games in the center. You select which game and it will go to an off screen select for that game. Its kinda hard to explain, but I guess none of you have over 700 characters to warrent that.


that program is cool… good work. i think that was the 1 that was evo… i only saw 1 match of evil ken vs evil ryu… it was a lil side event that some1 was runnin on the side of evo on their laptop and ppl were bettin on which char would win the fight… it would’ve been nice to watch durin intermissions or whatever on the big screen…

Killer Whale/Brolly/Master Geese > *… I won like $15 from side betting… Best. Game. Ever.

I have around 270 characters and around 20 stages…I still need to organize them and whatnot. >_<

anyone got evil or dark kyo? i’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found the one i saw at evo.

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