Anyone got a empty HRAP 3 case For sale?

Title says all, looking on building my first stick and i was wondering if anyone had a empty hrap 2/3 shell i can buy from them.

“Well why dont you just buy a HRAP3??” Well this is really just a small project for my girlfriend and i (she wants this way more than me TBH), since shes a first year engineering major with all circuit classes she really wants to do this.

anyone around that can help a brotha out just name the price and we’ll see if its reasonable

Thank you very much, ill look into it

I have an empty xbox360 fight stick EX 2 Soul Calibur 4 LE :\

nah i wanted to get a case that was bigger than the standard fighting sticks thanks tho.

I really shoulda have changed the title to say any HRAP case from 1-3

this isnt the place for you to be buying things. go to the trading outlet…

copy that