Anyone got a Seimitsu button insert template for photoshop?

I’ve been looking everywhere online but can’t find a template for the clear Seimitsu button inserts so i can add my custom artwork. I was going to make my own and print them out and pop them in there, but i have not the size. Can anyone help me out?

just measure out the diameter of the white insert on the pushbutton and you should be good to go.

I do not know who has insert templates, but I can tell you what I do for Seimitsu button inserts.

You can use the white plastic inner piece of a Seimitsu button to trace around. This will work for both the 30 mm and 24 mm buttons. I (and others) have done this for some quick and dirty Seimitsu button inserts.

If you have photoshop, setting the elliptical tool to 2mm smaller that the actual button size will be a good start for a template.
For example set your insert template for 28 mm if you have a 30 mm button.

n there is This guide after all:

That is what I was trying to decribe, but I guess my words do not due justice what actual photos can do. But with that guide, were are also assuming that Deadlight7 is using the image for the whole top bezel for his stick, and not just custom inserts for the buttons them selves.

Deadlight, do you know what Seimitsu buttons are you using? they do come in 2 different sizes.
Did did make a template for Seimitsu 30 mm buttons. Bellow is a thumb nail to the full size image.
Message me if you want the Photoshop version of the image below.