Anyone got any fanmade/custom PS3 and 360 covers for MvC3?


I dunno if the PS3 cover for MvC3 will have artwork on it’s backside, but if possible, could some of you post some MvC3 covers that one could use instead of the official one?
Although I want PS3 covers, feel free to post some 360 ones for those that’d want it.

Mods if this should be in a specific thread, please move it there.


i got this (wip) its not all that but i think its better then what were getting in the game if you want i can send u the psd when its done


Could I have one for the PS3? It looks really good sir.


ill post it in my thread once it gets done for both versions.


^Do you mean the one you linked in your sig? If so


the one linked in my sig is for arcade templates but i did post the finish version of custom box art in that thread after you posted there.