Anyone got some effective S-Groove Combo's

So far I just gotta few

Terry Bogard

jumping HK, standing close HP, Lv3 Buster Wolf, Lv1 Power geyser

Kim Kap Hwan

jumping HP, standing close LP, Lv3 Phoenix Flattener Kick, phoenix Tornado Kick


Wind Slice (LP), Lv3 Gigantic Pressure, Lv1 Total Annihlation


Lv3 One For The Raod Blast, Charge Gauge, Lv3 Maiden Masher

Good luck landing those.

thats creative but forget the level three shit for one for the road blast just use level one since its already hard enough to get a level three.

Geese Cross over mk,lk,c.hp into deadly rave can the qcb hp for c.lp,c.lp, into RS