Anyone has good strategies on taking out Cable users?

Been facing lots of people at my local arcade with omega red these few days and I’ve got to admit I’ve been losing but only for a reason Cable users, Just get really annoying and can’t find a way to beat them easily, So I’m asking does anyone have a good strategy on taking out cable with omega red?
Anything would help!

What you’re going to need here is pressure, and a lot of it. Cable players are brazen and versatile, and are likely packing some good assists, so play the cub scout and be equipped for the occasion. If they’re playing the tk grenades or jumping hp shots, get the right timing and canceling down on lk omega strike to keep close to them. This part is risk/reward, but I advise using a slow projectile assist to keep the enemy in lockdown, or as close as you can get. I myself play Omega/Cyke AAA/Spiral proj… The team is incredible. Those swords Spiral lets out stay on the screen for ages and create infuriating block stun. Plus while you have those going on vs. a Cable player, or Sent drones or maybe even Doom rocks (I have a friend who plays Omega/Silver Sam/Doom like a genius), you can omega strike through the opponent and potentially land a cr. lk into launcher and life drain. Also, make use of the directable hk tentacles. The max range version can stop HVBs from coming out if you time it right. Just stay on top of your opponent at all times (or under him, in many cases). Omega can win this match up if you just pay attention to the timing, especially if the Cable in question starts doing patterns. Then you can really mess them up.

This is a nice strategy! I will try it on later on today see how it goes! BTW It’s funny because your friends team it’s my team as well heh he he, Oh Yeah btw do you know if there’s a way to get out of that DAMN Cable glitch! The one where he kills you a character then he quickly dashes and HP(gun shot) you block then, He does that Hyper Viper Beam Over and Over Again! Because that’s what kills me most of the time Just Hate that!:arazz:

I have just started picking up Omega lately. I have been infuriating projectile whores like Cable by using his down and strong kick tentacles in combo with my Assists to back him into a corner and keep him there. The assists I use are blackheart AA and Storm projectile. Also my bread and butter is once I think they start to anticipate what Im doing I do a diagonal coil kick IMMEDIATELY cancel drop down and weak kick him. If at any point he super jumps use your Omega destroyer super when he is directly above you. The main thing to watch out is for him stringing together Air Hyper Beams during a short jump. But if You do this right he will barely build any meters up. Also the coil kick is great when you cancel it quick and most dont know it can go many directions or how to block it right. That said this might go out the window against an elite cable player, though if you do your thing you have a shot!:wgrin:

Omega is behind the 8-ball when it comes to playability in MvC2. Hes not popular, mainly because he is not combo-oriented, and his supers are kinda lame. His Omega Destroyer doesnt do enough damage, because the opponent is knocked away from the meat of the damage, which is in the middle. The other super, I forget the name, can be useful with the right assist. Doom’s photon assist, Magneto’s projectile are a few that help him connect this very rarely used super. With Doom, lk, cr.hp, omega strike diagonal w/Doom, the kick will knock em’ up, and Doom’s photons will place them mid-screen. Then after strike, cancel into super. With Magneto, its the same really. With Omega D, it really is for just futile attempts at chipping away, and cancels. It doesnt connect enough to do damage. Theres one assist that it does benefit from, IM anti-air. Being knocked into the middle of the attack, it does decent damage. If you want to see the potential, and what shouldve been the Omega D’s actual damage, check out the damage and hits on all of the bosses. It freakn connects all the way, and continues for some time. Also, Ive been working on a G-break with Omega. When you launch, finish the combo with the uhh…tentacles? Yeah, in the middle of it, cancel into the super. It doesnt connect,and its not a G-break, but it looks like it could be. So, Im working to manipulate it into being one…

If you want combos and what not on Omega [media=youtube]eip3hVljdu8&feature=channel_page"[/media](sadly the only good one).

I think Omega best assist is Doom AA, followed by Sent Drones. With Drones you can back throw people into them and you can cross people up a lot easier with them. With doom rocks you can use his ghetto trijump better, can combo off your instant overhead, Combo into your Air super and do Double throw combos.

I Also like Cyke since he gives u a free energy drain when ever he hits someone.

It’s really a god damn shame out of 9 years, this is all the info we got on the guy. Damn, I can see if he was ass, but Omega red isn’t bad(right up there with Rouge under top tier)

Yeah, that was a nice vid. At 2:20 of the vid, against Cable, he did a cr. move, then omega strike’d, and Cable was still crouching. Is that a frame mix-up? Theres potential with O, but he doesnt have move that really can be linked into supers, so youre basically gonna be a combo maniac, displaying your combo superiority. Which isnt bad, but he shouldve had a linking super in MvC2. You can omega strike into destroyer, but it doesnt connect flush…

Ah Cable. The great low-tier equalizer.

OR vs. Cable-even without aaa-is an uphill battle (and is one of the main reasons why OR can’t break the toptier, along with his inability to combo into super). His main weapon, Coil xx Strike >> mixups is pretty useless since Cable can just ahvb that ish (even if the lk strike connects he can ahvb on bounce, and if blocked, he can push block a preceeding coil then sj cancel to ahvb as you strike towards him, IIRC).

All you can really do is read his SJs, drop doom & cross under him for the chip xx pray. Oh, air dash xx block to bait ahvb (this isn’t fastfly tho). If you do manage to land a hit, forget going into his sj coil combos and just snap the time traveling bastard out.

Really though, switch out or snap out. OR counters mags pretty well and can annoy storm (sent… almost as bad as cable, but at least you have hk strike and random coils). If you have doom, use him instead. At least he can attempt some launcher crossups xx dhc against cables who rely too much on priority.

Uh… yeah that’s about it. You’ll be watching OR cover his head with his hands a lot, HOPEFULLY (instead of getting hit). As a long time OR player, my #1 suggestion is to dhc out to Storm asap (you ARE playing with storm right? What else are you gonna use that meter for? heh).

EDIT: oh I forgot to add. Just like against any other character, try to get cable in the corner. If he doesn’t have aaa, you can try to be slick and go for OR’s ghetto high/low mixup with rh strike. Drop doom in there and you might chip/confuse him to death. Or have both OR & doom eat a lucky ahvb.

Thanks for the solid advice vs Cable man. Can you go more in depth about the other 3 gods?

Great stuff!

Yeah, she’s probably the best choice to partner with Red. Personally I don’t really like Storm, so I was thinking either Cable or Sent.

I’m still learning the basics of Red. As fas as useful assists go, Tron makes his shenanigans powerful, but Sent/Doom/Spiral can be used from farther away, and are better on point.

I’m trying to fit Red and Spiral on the same team, but I just can’t figure out how it could work. :S

What you can do with Omega/Spiral, is kinda work a cross-up game. Start off with gr/combo/Spiral g-type/ Omega strike/cancel to aerial super. You have to cancel just slight of mid-screen, so you can connect the super. Or, for more tactical combos, do the same combo above, but vertical strike, then drain energy. There are actually a lot of things with Spiral, that make Omega more appealing to play with. You can just combo with Spiral, then drain or just cross-up and play mind games. Even Spiral/Omega is a good line. Spiral’s six-arm strike, then Omega’s capture, then teleport. Or you can do the combo, then level 3 while theyre in the air, and try to sneek a grab in when they drop. Defensive team, with not much power in straight-up battle, but a lot of deception and confusing movement are solid tactics…

I was talking more along the lines of team order and 3rd character.

Here’s what I think so far:

Since Spiral proj. is the (much) better assist, Omega Red becomes the de facto battery, meaning he goes first.

Then, this teams really need a meter user. Storm and Cable fit the bill. Sent is a good choice too. Cable could double as an AAA, as long as you don’t use him too much. Sent benefits from Spiral ground, and spiral/sent is gdlk. The only tricky part is getting spiral in, but I guess you can switch her in as soon as you off someone with Sent.

On a Red/Sent/Spiral team, I’d probably pick AAA for Red. I like the fact that you can counter him in and retract, which is pretty safe, and I’m sure sent can use him from mid screen in a fast fly combo.

to kil cable easily. stay above him. to get at him do burrow coil into kk upward strike. cancel intodash into super. btw ur in super jump mode after kk cancel. you can dash again is they block the super. thats triple dash for those who arent counting. btw never use energy drain unless as a taunt to show your opponent how fre they are being.

Why shouldn’t you energy drain? That’s one of the dopest things about OR. Yeah they can mash out, but 1. most people don’t know that and 2. you can get at least a little energy and then throw. If they start mashing like it’s hypergrav, that’s one thing, but the only people I’ve seen do that are people who play me regularly and button mashers.

And about that cable strat, that’s so many ahvb opportunities right there. And I really don’t think a meter is worth the extra (super telegraphed) dash.

And in another thread you said throwing against the wall is the best option. There are others though. Throw up and then coil up again, or throw up air dash and quick xx to coil (for the cross up), or throw straight down and try to cross up on OR’s way down.

Top Tier Basics

For Storm: Pretty normal fight, just do your regular stuff. If she ohohohs (builds meter) just build your own with burrow xx canceled strikes. You can TRY to chase her with coils and strikes, but as with most characters, it’s not worth the risk. When she tries to land on top of you, vertical strike to try to hit her, horizontal to gtfo. Watch out for random hails vs your strikes.

For Sentinel. Burrow xx canceled vert while he’s on the ground. But sent is never on the ground haha. And see this video. A lotta good stuff/tricks in there. But vs. sent/aaa, it’s waaay harder. Timed Capcoms can hit your retracts (among other things). Maybe not as annoying as vs. Cable/aaa (I’m still scrubby so annoying stuff makes me impatient & mistake-prone), but probably just as hard (or hopeless, since sent takes so much punishment).

OR is pretty good against magnus though. Utilize those high priority strikes which are angled almost perfectly against mag’s dash ins (but don’t use them when he’s right on top of you, and beware of hypergrav). Burrow to strike when he’s far; a couple of these do a good chunk of damage. I dunno if it’s still around but I replied to a vs. mags thread a long time ago with some strats.

Remember though, like most of the mid tier, OR’s usefulness diminishes rapidly as your opponents get used to his tricks and learn how to counter them. I don’t play OR much against my friends cuz they know him too well and can counter a whole mess of stuff. Good thing he’s hella fun to play as. It’s a shame he can’t combo into super though, that’d make him more like a ghetto storm/dhalsim hybrid.

Hope that helps.

never do energy drain unless as a taunt :slight_smile:

the life drain is better, you get life back!
the Double throw is even better then the energy drain

  1. if you coil sentinal, always throw him downwards OR upwards if they dont have turbo on their fly kits.

  2. magneto, attack him before he attacks you. stay in the air, stay off the ground even tho your moves are good, you priority will become painstakingly obvious.
    a good move is sj cancelling hk or lkhk coils when he rushes.

  3. i’ll come face you if you pm me. im looking for more players now that i travel more.

eh energy drain is life drain bro. I’ have to agree with Hagure Metaru about your cable strats not being very effective.

Thx Hagure Metaru for that vid . anymore?

I LOVE playing against cable players. When they pick cable its kinda like its automatically my 3 vs their 2 (cause I count cable as instant death)

Cable users just LOVE TO BACK themselves into that corner and try to lock the screen down, good, let them. Do the coils. Do the ones that is the farthest away and do them over and over and over and over.(i have a projectile assist that I back this with as well) I can bet money you will take off half of cables health before he decides to stop his usual plan of attack and get out of that corner. Soon as he comes out to play the rest should be easy. Some smooth assisting with some low k, to med launch. Cable should be about finished.