Anyone has the Arcadia Guide / Frame Data online?

#1 is down. I need to write some basic guides for some friends.



I have the book downloaded. PM me your e-mail.

So I have it on my Google Driver now. If anyone needs it just pm me your gmail account and I’ll send it to you.


Good to know. Thanks YariX, this is a vital resource that needs to be preserved for all cvs2 players. I’ll let you know if I need a copy, I may have dl/ed it a while ago.


I have the book :slight_smile:


I’m also looking for the guidebook’s scans (bumping this thread instead of making a new one) if someone still has them. Thanks.


Just saw this now, would also love to get it! I’ve known about CVS2 for years but only recently got into it. Thanks!


I took would like some scans, even though this game is dead, Maybe I can print some out and hand them over to friends\other forums.




Awesome Nick, thanks. Great that newbies can have access to this invaluable resource.


Nice one !
I’ll mirror it and send it round


@"Nick T."‌ thanks for sharing the link. I meant to post that in here when I posted it in the FB group. XD


is the frame data still available someone please pm it to me if possible


Use Nick T’s link above, it still works.


whoops i should have scrolled up thanks


how can i tell what the start up frames, block advantage etc from the frame data? i can tell the +5 is block advantage i want to say the bar beneath the data is the startup frames not sure can someone help me out thanks in advance. for example


First three rows are damage, advantage on hit, advantage on block. Fourth row indicates if you have to block high, low, or both (this move must be blocked low). 5th row is whether or not it is chainable to other normals, 6th row is special cancellable or not, 7th row is super cancellable or not.

The bar is startup frames, hitting frames, recovery frames. Sometimes you’ll see blue numbers below the bar that indicate invincibility frames.

Best guide ever.


thanks alot trying to get into the game and this is helping out alot


You’re welcome, happy to help.


eww this is awesome


The cvs2 guide is also on the CvS2 facebook page in the files tab, it should have a link to my drop box as well.