Anyone have a dual shock pcb?

i bought a virtual stick high grade, but i need a dual shock pcb, does anyone have one to sell?

He’s out i think…I bought his last 5 Psx pcb’s

My bad, I thought he still had some hori dualshocks listed?

I did, but Multi just bought all of them earlier today.


Anybody have one?

i have a few A series left… they are gutted and i can do 20 shipped a piece. or make me an offer… since paik seems to have sold his for $26 thats what im going by. and they are hard to get now.

these are the ones used for solderless hacking… you need the wire for them i have some also i could include.

that stick has low clearance on the inside–it’s definitely a megabitch to mod. easily the nicest stick when modded though :slight_smile:

I actually have a few (4 I think) PSX DS A series as well (not the solderless kind), but I won’t be able to sell any of them till next weekend. Midterms this week =\

Picture of the controllers =)

Edit: Dunno about the price yet. Maybe $25 gutted and shipped. Kind of need money at the moment =P. I’ll solder on the wires and crimp on your choice of .110 or .187 disconnects as well.

Edit #2: All gone =)