Anyone have a extra stick?


I’m hoping to get someone that is willing to donate a extra stick that they don’t need. I’ve been playing for a long time and my current stick has outdone its time. I’m really poor and can’t afford another one so i’m hoping a kind person could help me out. This is a desperate last plea for a stick as I fear this could be the end to my fighting games career or atleast put fighting games off for a very long time if it doesn’t happen. If any kind person could help me out although I may not deserv it i’m in a terrible position and need help. Thank you fgc.


Have you considered simply repairing your current stick? You’ll have better chances of that happening, without having to cost an arm and a leg.


I would love to just repair my stick I have made seemingly irreversible mods to the stick which I’m not sure I could replace. I would need a new faceplate, bezel, and hardware which I actually don’t think would be to hard to replace. But the main problem is my stick because i’m not sure if I damaged the stick itself or if I damaged something on the pcb. My stick has also had a manufacturing glitch ever since I got it which has to do with static electricity in the stick and has made me have to negatate a few buttons which I don’t mind since I can work them around and still have 6 working buttons on the stick. Also my home button has gone out which I have no clue as to what to do about that. Anyways It would just be really nice to have a brand new fresh stick to use with all it’s working components for once.


You need more backstory on why you are broke. Are you a kid, disabled, what?


Picture of current stick and its insides, specifically the pcb.


I’m assuming the pcb is the green chip in the stick? Here’s a pic donno how clear it came out. Also I’ve noticed I striped a bunch of the holes were the hardware screws into the stick and I have no clue how to replace that without getting a hole new box for the stick. I’d love to fix this stick back into working condition as it is very sentimental to me and has been through hell and back with me. I just don’t know what to do…

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What did you do? You never know, some users might be more willing to donate parts to get it fixed as opposed to an entire stick


What exactly are the problems you are experiencing? I believe you stated that the trigger buttons stopped working, which is pretty common. Do the directions still work? What are the irreversible mods that were done?


I put a plexi glass top on with custom artwork which I hate because dirt has gotten under the plexiglass and ruined the art underneath. Sorry it’s not Irreversible as I could just put a stock bezel and faceplate. The problem is the stick itself and the homebutton not working anymore. Yes the stick has a problem moving to the right sometimes. Also I might need a new case because the holes were the screws go for the hardware are striped. I love this thing but i’ve beat the shat outta of it over the past couple years lol. I’d much rather fix this stick rather then have someone donate a whole new stick to me but I don’t want the repair costs to be higher then just getting a whole new stick.


Donate me your kidney and I’ll give you a TE fightstick


Plexi and art are aesthetics so like you said not important which means you can change that at a later date. If the top screws are stripped, you can make a quick trip to your local hardware store and pick up some pan head m4 screws for a couple bucks.
The main problem here seems to be the joysticks right direction not working. Check out the jlf pcb and see if you have any hairline fractures in it. A friend of mine had a hairline fracture in his jlf pcb which caused his down to be glitchy. If that is the case, then for about 12 plus shipping can get you a replacement jlf pcb. If the jlf pcb is not the problem then things can get a little trickier and you would have to replace the actual xbox 360 pcb. About the home button, dumb(but necessary) question, is it locked? If not replacing the pcb would be the call, which would cost around 20 bucks.

The reason people are trying to figure out the problem is because you most likely can fix this for about 20 or so bucks instead of having someone who does not know you donate 100-150 bucks

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No It’s not the screws that are striped. I know how to replace those. It’s the threading for the screw holes that are in the case that are damaged. Look at the case in the madcatz te it’s plastic and the holes that accept the screw’s have threading. The holes won’t accept the screws in two of the six holes so ether the metal threading has fallen out or broken off on my stick. As for the jlf pcb it does appear to have a slight scratch in the pcb… Also will this pcb fix the problem with the home button?
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if i dont get $600 dollars to get a vlx diamond stick, i might have to quit my fighting game hobby, any one care to donate? its my only pass time, without it i have no life…


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