Anyone have a (fatty) fliptop ps2 case?

Just wondering… I could buy one new for $15 so I’m looking for mad deals or free. Not a big deal, I don’t actually expect a single positive response.

I’m just gonna cut my PS2 and make it a flip top (lol) but I figured I could save some effort if anyone has one they don’t use or anything. My only problem is finding a jigsaw or something that will cut my PS2. Might use a red hot knife like they’re fuckin’ knifers or something.

I might have my old fatty fliptop lying around somewhere. Let me know when you’re going to Zach’s again and I’ll look. I also have a boot disc and am willing to sell it for cheap.

Already got the boot discs but cool, dude. I can try to make it out to next friday’s get together. The only reason I haven’t been going is I don’t know how I’d get back, but I can just figure out buses and Zach probably wouldn’t mind if I crashed there since buses don’t run late enough to actually stay and hang out. :lol:

EDIT: That’ll be sweet because I just downloaded MvC2 so now I’ll have it on a system that I can practice on, and thus finally shake off all my rust and then some at Marvel and actually compete with Seattle players for once. Since that was all anyone played at Zach’s last time I went, that will make it more fun for me. :lol: