Anyone have a picture of Evil Ryu's Symbol?


I’m looking for a picture of the symbol that pops up after he does Shun Goku Satsu.

I’ve managed to find unobstructed pictures (that is, pictures of just the background, with no characters in the foreground) of the symbols that appear for both Shin and Regular Akuma/Gouki, but the closest I’ve found for Evil Ryu is a screencap of the symbol appearing on his back during one of his endings.

A better view of the symbol that appears for Shin Akuma would be nice too… the Kanji seems really strangely “tilted” (not sure if tilted is the right word).


That’s a pretty clear picture of it, google is your friend. Maybe someone around here might be able to tell you what it actually is…

EDIT: learn to google.


That was the best one I could find as well when I was looking for a reference picture of it. I used that exact pic to create Evil Ryu’s Metsu logo in WWE SVR 2011.


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