Anyone have a stick for sale

hi im looking for anyone in the New York area who is willing to sell an arcade stick. I dont care what kind of stick it is, how shitty it is, though i would prefer a balltop. Anyone whos willing please let me know. Also if anyone can link me to a make your own stick thread or something please do.

Heres a few DIY’s:

Check the Trading Post.

This entire forum is a make your own stick thread.

for anyone pm’ing me about the stick, i need a ps2 stick. dont have a ps3 & dont know where to get a converter.

I have a modded SFAE stick I want to sell with the box and poster.
Got some PS2/PS3 sticks with converters

how much?

Since you said you don’t care how shitty it is, how about this one (my first build). Works for my PS2.

Well it’s not for sale, but otherwise works fine,

i have a T5 stick. PM me if your interested in it.

rajendra82 & spideyman, how much are you selling your sticks for? & rajendra82, contrary to your belief, i am interested in yours. better be cheap though.

I wouldn’t sell my first born. Maybe once I build a second one, but not yet.