Anyone have a successful dual Mod PS3 Mad Catz SE with 360?

Anyone have a successful Dual Mod PS3 Mad Catz SE with 360?

I’m considering dual modding my PS3 Mad Catz SE to work with my 360, are there a any tutorials?

I plan on using a Mad Catz 360 PC. I also want to have all the PS3 SE buttons functional such as the Turbo and all the switches, is that possible?

Yes, it’s been done. Check the 2 PCBs in one Stick thread for pictures. You will not be able to maintain the turbo functionality, etc. with the 360 since the original PCB doesn’t support it.

What thread is that?

I’ve done it, works pretty well except for when it seems to randomly disconnect (Need to figure that out). I did mine using a DPDT switch. There is a good thread on this that I used to answer all my questions.

Heres the thread