Anyone have any good combos with him?

hows it going guys,i just wanted to know if anyone besides me plays with kyosuke?..if yes then please tell me some combos or,maybe have any vids that would be great,i just started to play with him and hoping to get better.Anyways if you have any comments or tips that would be cool.




basic BnB:

cr. jab x2, cr. short, qcf+forward kick

other stuff:

cr. strong, qcf+strong
cr. fierce, dp+fierce

Kyosuke doesn’t have a whole lot. His main thing is his keep away game with the fireballs, st. strong, and cr.strong/forward.
Anti air with st. forward.

That’s about it.

alright thanks for the tips man,at least someone replied.Do you have any vids for kyosuke? you also play with him man.

Anyways thanks again if you get any other tips for him let me know,much apreciated.


yes, i do use him.
I plan on using everyone in A groove. I know all the cc’s , I’m just learning all the matchups now.
lol…I ocv’ed someone with Kyosuke on Saturday. :lol:

What do you use for his CC? Just started trying to seriously use A-Kyosuke.

cool man…good stuff haha yeah,so kyosuke has some good a-groove combos?..have any vids at all?

He only has 2 setups IIRC…

  1. down + forward, RH , super, short, jab, strong, activate, st. fierce, dp+Rh xN, super. (half screen or less)

2)AA version of # 1…AA with down+forward+ RH

I used to play with kyosuke and my fav combo was

F+D HK jump lp, lk, mp, hp, hk.

or same think but after mp do qcf k.

and thats all I got plus a crap CC combo.

What about qcf+k xN into super for the CC? I also remember reading somewhere about doing activate, qcf+k, qcf+p xN, qcfx2+k.

Like I said though, I JUST start trying to play Kyosuke on a regular basis in A-Groove.

Also, when you activate after the aerial rave series, are you activating on your way down, landing, then doing standing fierce?

When you say dp+roundhouse, do you mean his lightning upper (which is dp+p)? Or his flash kick?

What I meant for D+P was that hold down and forward or in other words diagonaly down and forwards hk which will launch ur opponent like in rival skools.

*Originally posted by Icege *
**What about qcf+k xN into super for the CC? **

only in the corner.

I also remember reading somewhere about doing activate, qcf+k, qcf+p xN, qcfx2+k.**

qcf+p only works twice in the corner, then u have to do qcf+k.

Also, when you activate after the aerial rave series, are you activating on your way down, landing, then doing standing fierce?

activate when u land, not on the way down.

Does it hurt to be so damn good?

I can’t seem to find any worthwhile links… also, any reason for c.lp, c.lp, string ending with qcf+mk? qcf+hk and lk both connect. Is the qcf+mk ender safer?


it does more damage. The qcf+RH version won’t link.

Don’t do it as a block string, do it as a regular combo.
Do cr. strong into strong fireball as a block string. You should recover in time to block. It does combo also.

Hrm… whenever I do, qcf+mp it doesn’t combo., qcf+hp works.

c.lp, c.lp,, qcf+hk links and does more damage. At least in DC training mode.

How about blocked CC strings? I realize the purpose is to hit them, but sometimes you can’t really help but have your shit blocked :confused:

c.hp, c.hp, qcf+hp xN?

And yes, you :stuck_out_tongue:

Do that then.

R u sure it combos?..or does the meter reset? confused now.

That combo will work in the corner , but not midscreen. What i do is kinda a weird reset, its EXTREMELY RISKY, but it works.

cr. fierce, hcb+RH…repeat

What happens is the cr. fierce hits, its blocked. The hcb+RH hits hard, and it MIGHT crossup. I haven’t messed around with it too often. If it crosses up, repest the process. Also ppl will try to react to it, but by the time they realize what’ll happen, they get knocked down. After that go for a ground mixup.(watch out for supers/specials) (NOTE: it might be hcb+ forward, not RH…but im not too sure.)


Kyosukes three man combo super

Can someone please tell me how to activate Kyosukes rival school three man combo super? thankyou

My bad, I meant to say c.hp x2, qcf+hp xN for blocked string in the corner.

I should prooobably wait to ask this until later, but when I attempt the d/f+hk, sjc, sj.lp,,, land, CC, the opponent seems to “tech” out. Meaning that when I go for the first hit of the CC, it passes through them as they fall. Reason I say I should have waited is because I just re-read your CC, and saw that you said to do a s.hp first. I just go right for the qcf+k. That’s probably my problem there.

Is Kyosuke at a disadvantage after his qcb+p overhead? On block that is?

When I do c.lp, c.lp, xx qcf+hk, it all connects. Does around 2200 or 2300dmg on Kyo. It does exactly a 100 more than qcf+mk. It could be just a Dreamcast thing though.

What do you think about his In ProJus, it’s awesome due to range and recovery. That’s ProJus though. In CvS2, it seems like you can be punished on block if they’re not at the edge of hit feet.

Party-Up Super is hcbx2+p

Heres some interesting CC’z:

1.) [ Corner ] Ju.HK, DF+HK, SJ.LP, SJ.LK, SJ.MP, LK Shadow Cut Kick, land, XX CC: Cr.HP, St.HP [ LK Shadow Cut Kick ] x10, land, HP Crosscutter x4, HK Shadow Cut Kick x4 XX Super Shadow Cut Kick, xx Shadow Cut Kick.

2.) [ Corner ] Ju.HK, st.MP/HP, HP Lightning Upper, XX CC: St.HPx2, HK Shadow Cut Kick x4, Shadow Slice x10, HK Shadow Cut Kick XX Super Shadow Cut Kick, xx Shadow Cut Kick.

U need to do…
sjc. short, jab, strong, land, sj. short , jab , strong…repeat

No, because u can cancel the overhead into cr. fierce right away when u land.

Only do cr. RH if u KNOW it will hit. Other than that, do cr. forward.