Anyone have any good combos with him?


So d/f+hk, sjc, short, jab, strong, land, CC, [sj.short, jab, strong] xN, once in corner s.hp, qcf+k xN, qcfx2+k

No, because u can cancel the overhead into cr. fierce right away when u land.

How about when you’re not doing a CC? Is it still safe?

I wish he could cancel off of crouching forward :frowning:

I haven’t been able to find any links, whatsoever. Are they even an important part to his game?

I’ve been working on RC Cross Cutters. Is it worth my while to work on RC his other specials (Flash Kick, Overhead punch, Lightning Uppercut).

Last question (in this post!)… what are your thoughts on his air qcf+p

Are you serious??? This works?

Only Bnb I do is cr. lp, cr. lk > qcf. lk. Quick, simple, you’ll never mess it up and its actually decent damage. If I’m punishing a whiffed DP, > lvl 1 Elec Rise (qcbX2 + p) then jump and mk, fp, RH air combo. My timing gets messed up though, so I usually end up just hitting the jumping RH by itself.

Nice poking string on a lying body is lp. Cross Cutter, walk up or run and as he’s blocking the Cross Cutter, st. fp at max range > qcb+ fp Elec Overhead. The buffer looks weird and unless you use Kyosuke, you won’t expect it. If you’re opponent doesn’t get caught up in overheads, then just cancel the st. fp into a fp Cross Cutter. If you manage to tag the knucklehead with the st. fp then everything comboes. Hell,… you don’t just have to do this against an opponent who is waking up. You can do this off a cr. FP anti air too since your oppoent will bounce back into the perfect spot where your lp Cross Cutter will catch him.

Jumping from across the screen at Sagat, Cammy or Ryu and then spacing their dp’s out with your Air Cutter (in air qcf+p) is wonderful and very frustrating for your opponent.

Kyosuke is horrible in A Groove IMO. He has no move that bounces you in the air for a free activate other than Lightning (dp+p) which is worhtless in itself and he can’t perform a mid-screen CC practically enough for it to be an option. C groove is your best bet since his lack of dp moves will force you to use his lvl 2 supers as a way to get out of being rushed to death.


No, because only in CC mode can u cancel anything into anything safely while having meter when activated.

I could see RC Lightning Uppercut being a safe AA, but st. forward is still better.

hmmm…?,…wow…i just thought of this…
If ur going against C groove…and u activate but u know there gonna air block…i suppose u could try …hmmm…thinks of combo that won’t bring u too high

While they’re air blocking: Super jump…qcf+P x2, fierce, strong x2, land, cr. fierce(reset-they get hit), qcf+K…repeat ,super…

Don’t know if that will work but u don’t want a combo that will bring u too high above ur opponent, so that u get hit when u land.
But i wouldn’t really use the qcf+P too much…but i can’t think of any use for it.

Wait, so how much damage does this CC do?

I was thinking that myself, but is such a good AA, it kind of negates RCing his Lightning Upper. I figured RC Cross Cutters were good just because, and RC Flash Kicks or RC Overheads would be good to go through poke strings ending with fireballs.

O_o? :sweat: I didn’t know you could guard break in CvS2 too… Neat.

I’ve been using it primarily for what OneDumbG00k said. Baiting out AA. Unfortunately, I can’t really punish with anything unless they try a normal for AA (a la, then the Air Cutter hits.