Anyone have excess TE sticks preorders?


Just thought I’d try my luck, which seems like a good shot considering I keep missing the preorders anyhow. :rofl:

Please PM if you have extra sticks coming your way, I’ll buy em off yah!



Not to be rude, but this is not the trading outlet. Of course, one can’t use the outlet till you get 100 posts.


Ah, sorry - any mods can feel free to move this if its neccesary. Hum, I’ve had this account forever with 0 posts. I guess I’ve been lurking a lot longer than I thought; I didn’t even play fighting games before 2007 - I guess SRK just draws people in :rolleyes:


how do you know how many points you have?


Man this is ridiculous, I get people PMing asking if I want to give them mine or that I should order from somewhere else so they can take my slot. One dude even had the nerve to say he contacted Lizard Lick and that Chad okay’d the guy to take my preorder if order from somewhere else. Give me a fucken break. You didn’t pre-order, tough shit, but I have a feeling life will go on.


I’ve got a gaming store in Germany that hasn’t given away all the pre-order slots, yet.

I COULD order TEs for people that really want them but they are about 150 a piece and shipping will be a bitch. Plus I’ll be charging extra and you’ll have to pay up front :wgrin:

Interested? PM me


I don’t have enough posts to do a PM, but I left a message on your wall.


Raas if you want to call gamestop and ask them, if an online preorder is transferrable, you can have mine.