Anyone have experience modding a fanta stick px?


Hello peeps! I am wondering if you can help me out with finding a part to mod my stick

I am looking to change the joystick in my ‘Fanta Stick PX KOFxiii Edition’ arcade stick. I want to change it to a ball top grip with octagon gate.

I originally bought this stick for its tripleplatform capability and I snatched it for a meager $600HK ($77usd) while abroad. But now I’m slightly regretting it as its impossible to find any info on suitable parts to mod it with, seeing as it uses knockoffs of korean parts as stock. I’m really starting to get sick with the current feel of my joystick as well. Feels hideous :frowning:

I’ve looked at the Sanwa JLF series and Seimitsu. Like them alot but the most annoying thing is I do not know whether or not they will fit.

I have searched alot online for advice but it seems no one has this stick but me, so here I am with my own thread.

Is there anyone with experience with this stick that can help me? :slight_smile: