Anyone have experience moding the Blaze dual arcade stick for DC?

I found a stick like this recently on Craig’s List for $35. It is pretty decent, but I wanted to know if I could replace the stick and buttons.

I have zero experience with sticks. I would like to change the gate, but it appears that the gate doesn’t use standard parts? If possible I wouldn’t mind changing the whole stick out.

Also one of the buttons is messed up. Most of the time it activates more then once with only one press, or it doesn’t activate at all. I remember reading somewhere someone had to buy special shorter buttons for this stick, because the standard ones were too long for the case.

Any help or knowledge with this stick would be appreciated.

Also wondering if there is a way to use this on Playstation, or Wii?

Yes, this is definitely possible.
You need a dremel tool if I’m not mistaken to enlarge the button holes.
If you would like to use this for both the Playstation and the Wii, I’d recommend using a MC Cthulhu board. This PCB has the capability of running multiple systems on one board.

Playstation Stick is the same thing.

Mine looks different on the inside. The boards are not mounted to the push buttons… or at least that’s the way it appears in that thread.

Anyway, I tore apart a cheap third party PS1 controller, and the buttons work if I just solder them straight to the PS1 board. That solves the converter problem.

Next question is: Do they sell any standard parts that will fit this case without modification? The case has extra holes for buttons everywhere as if it was made for adding standard parts. I don’t have any tools for widening the holes. Also, I don’t have a way of measuring them, unless measuring in inches helps?

Last question: The wire leads are way too short. What kind of wire should I use to extend the leads, and where can I buy it? Anything local? If not, the best online place?

Dual mod it and keep the Dreamcast PCB!

If you check out you can get some crown 28mm buttons. If the holes are the same size as my playstation one that i modded they will fit.

Joystick is another story. I would order a pair of LS-56-01 but you will have to drill holes for the bottom shafts since they will poke out the bottom 1mm and add rubber feet to the base to give it more height.

You can browse through my blaze twinstick album if you want. Mine was the black and red Playstation one.

Your stick looks a little different then the LS-56-01 on Lizardlick. I want to be able to make it an octagonal or round gate. I am used to American sticks. Yours looks like the gate is changeable. The one on Lizard lick does not. Where did you get your stick? From your pictures, the plastic casing looks the same as mine… just the boards were set up way different.

That is because the Joystick in pictures is not Seimitsu LS-56-01.
Pictures show a Sanwa JLF.

Is a HAPP stick too big? Push buttons too big? I used a measurement converter, and it said the HAPP buttons are 28.5 mm. Are they too tall though?

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Happ Joystick is big.
The Happ Buttons will be the same as the Ultralux Buttons that serpentarius used.

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it’s pretty easy to mod this twinstick…
if you want to use sanwa parts you have to make the buttons holes a bit larger, use QDs/solder (i use qds), and for the stick i would use a QDs one(as i did) ( i mean not a stick like the sanwa jlf…only cause i dunno how it works cause of its connector…a LS-32/33 would be nice)…
anyway it’s a really easy mod to do…

I originally used JLFs. The shaft was too long, I later switched it out for a LS-33, but the throw was too big.

I would suggest:
2 LS-56-01s
two octagon gates for the LS-56

You still will have to drill a hole for the bottom of the joystick.

JLW feels more american like, especially with a round gate, but I doubt it will fit in there. The case is too low profile and JLW is slighty bigger I think. American parts are waaaaaay too big. You will have to deepen the base somebow if you want to use american style parts.

Ok, I think I’m going to extend the bottom with wood, or put it on top of an American cabinet. Anyone have recommendations for adding wire to it?

That should be enough wire for one stick. Never shopped there. You should buy 22, 24 or 26 gauge stranded wire. I think that is 24 gauge.

or if you plan to use a lot of wire for other projects. I bought a bunch of the harder to find colors there.

That is one bad a$$ stick.

Hi guys, sorry to dig up an old topic, but it’s better than making a new one. I got one of these on ebay for £25, it’s in decent shape and whatnot, few scuffs. I had to fix a microswitch in one of the joy sticks, but all works fine now. These crown buttons people have been using; will these also work ? can’t find anywhere selling crown buttons in the UK, and i’m on a tight budget.

Also fitting these, will the pcb that is in allready still fit in? seems to be enough at the side but just want to check to be sure with you guys.

Seems fitting in new sticks is the hard part as I don’t have a dremel, and I have no drill to make a hole in the case bottom for the stick to move. What sort of drill can drill metal? will a hand drill do it? I’m new at working with tools.