Anyone have experience with these guys (in Toronto, Canada)?


Arcade Power. They are in Scarborough so I could drive there and check them out. I do note that the parts seem to be jacked up a bit, but they are in town and a physical place I can hit up to try and buy parts for the great modding project.

Has anyone used them or had experience with them?


yo bruv…they seem abit wierd…ill b honest…they havnt got alot either…

also is ther any other places in ontario that do joystick stuff or arcade places that have sf4?.. am asking cus am moving from uk to toronto in like 2 weeks…and i wont have my xbox to begin with…add me any way on xbox…ill giveu a few matchs bro


Should be fine. I wanna go there to get some parts now.


I think i may try to check them out this weekend or soonish… I’m not sure. I want to mod my own stick, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ll also have to look at putting a custom decal on my stick :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are some whacked out prices, geez. With only a 7 cent difference in exchange rate, I can’t imagine how these guys are charging $40 for a JLF.


Place is mad pricey. You’re better off getting your buttons and sticks off The Playdium Store. Only thing I’d get from ArcadePower is the Blaze PS2 to 360 converter.

$40 for a Toodles Axisdaptor? $50 for a PS3 Cthulhu? $18 for an Imp switch?
No thanks.