Anyone have experiences to share about the MAS Super Pro.Stick SP-220MS?


I am thinking about getting one. I was wondering if anybody had any experiences to share concerning the stick. It’s the MAS sticks made for PCs specifically; you can find it here: (I know normal MAS sticks are good.)


Somehow I felt like telling you that you should be posting this in the specific thread already created for these sort of questions… but I couldn’t think of one to point you to! :rofl:

From poorly-recalled anecdotes and not from experience, I believe the MAS stick for computers suffers from input lag, which is incredibly dumb. Getting the PS2 version and using a good to-USB adapter will produce better results and be more versatile to you anyway.


yea, thats the route to go man… and if they can have them use a dualshock 1 pcb.


Wish someone that had it could post about their experiences… I emailed MAS and have gotten no response for days.


bump… just in case someone wonders by and can give me a first hand account of the stick… still no reply from MAS about the stick. do they ever reply to emails?


don’t even bother emailing them. Just Call