Anyone have footage of Daigo parrying the Chun SAII?

Man I shoulda been taping, but I thought it was gonna be a boring turtle fest until that happened.

I do. Wait until tomorrow.

Let me remind everyone that posting of evo footage is strictly prohibited.

ohhh ink comes through!:smiley:

post the clockwork ownage on josh wigfall come on plz.

highlights the ppl MUST SEE:

daigo’s m. bison RAPE of old sagat: dizzy > combo into super.

daigo vs justin parry exhibition.

clockwork vs wigfall

more daigo m. bison ST footage !!!

kuni in ST
eric lee and justin in cvs2
that shun player in vf4
anything 3s finals(diago)
aineca in tekken 4
eddie plaer in tek tag
rf faust and fatty’s eddie

I only care about the daigo on wong exhibition :lol:

Indeed if someone could post the end of the daigo wong match as a teaser of the DVD it would be great. ( PS I was there so it’s not like I haven’t supported evo financially :slight_smile: ).

Nice–when i heard about this, it made me hella want to see it. thanks inkblot!

heres a 30 sec sound clip starting from the first parry to right before the guy yells “sit down!!!”

theres no point showing video anyway, people were hopping like monkeys covering the screen:D

heres 3 pics

PLZ DO! I would appriciate that so much. I was talking to Wigfall, and he said Clockwork is the truth. I also wanna see Daigo parrying the chun SAII.

Aw come on. The people jumping around makes it even better, due to the hype.

Well? Where is it? :o

Jive Out!

Trag is editing as we speak. Go play DOOM3 or something…it will be here before you know it.

TFT 1on1? You pick the map.

damn sounds nice shit cant wait to see it:D

I have a question did Daigo win that match after parrying the Super if so Daigo is god:eek: :eek:

ya it was for the win.

he also was standing still whilst Chun was across the screen going “eyah” with back+fierce… then got himself within a couple of jabs before death, then poked Chun around a bit then parried, then killed. sooooo much attitude :slight_smile:
of course, there was a massive standing ovation from all the audience members