Anyone have issues with


I bought buttons from them 10 days ago. The website says it takes 3-5 days for them to ship out and i bought the most expensive shipping complete with a tracking number. I sent an email last monday and they replied they would ship abosolute latest Friday. As of today, no tracking number, no message stating a delay, they wont even reply to the other emails. Just blank silence. At this point im just trying to get a refund(but still they wont reply) I wrote this to see if anyone else had issues with this store.


They seem to have a track record of being slow to actually send items out, but I’ve always gotten my items in the end.


I gotcha. Why advertise you’ll send the items out within 5 days if its really close to 3 weeks? I bought these buttons so i could fix for my stick for SF5. I’m fine with being slow but a heads up or an apologetic note would have been nice. I made a dispute with paypal and if they dont respond within the next day im gonna escalate it to a claim