Anyone have screens of oni's symbol?


what is the symbol on oni’s back now?




you mean after the raging demon?


on his back


or at least know what it is so i may look at the kangi to draw


kinda looks like a trident

it’s definitely not a chinese symbol. it also doesn’t really look like a japanese one…but maybe someone knows better


og wow. i though that was his muscle definition casting a shadow


could be. if so, the graphics of this one are not very good, eh?


is it the same as evil ryu now? doesnt look like they went with the heaven symbol anymore…hmm help please


Shouldn’t this be in Image Mishmash?


perhaps this??


i might need to rephrase the topic name. it was intended to only be about what the symbol was. images help but the symbol is key. heck if they can help me i wouldnt mind taking it there. as for that pic im thinking it must be that. is that still the heaven symbol? looks a little diiferent


Not the Heaven Symbol. Its something a little different. Never seen it before though. Oni is sort of a what if character so his design isnt really fleshed out and hes sorta all over the place and incomplete, imo. (Shin Akumas better :stuck_out_tongue: )


yeah the top lines arcs up while the heaven symbol is straight. i like oni in terms of looks. its supposed to be a higher evolution past shin akuma. ha ha. next they will implement a power up system where you start as akuma and level up to ultimate form oni


the ultra symbol is indeed the heaven symbol 天 (“tian”). i had a chinese native confirm this.
but this is definitely not on his back…


just checked wiki. it is still the heaven/ten kanji symbol. maybe just a little more stylized


well if you notice any heavy attack punch or kick it burns through the same color his hand or foot turns. also shows during his ultra 2



yes, he is indeed forever alone…