Anyone have setups for SA2?

I’ve always used SA1, but recently I’ve been experimenting with SA2. So far I’ve tried a few ways of setting it up, but I don’t know it they will work in REAL competition.

I’ve tried:

-Crossup jab dagger, SA2

  • jab or short tick into SA2

-jab, strong, fierce, short command dash, SA2

So far I think these are the only ones that SEEM to work in matches (I’ve haven’t had very good comp though) but I was wondering if there are better ways to set it up…

You can always do the hcb+k move and cancel the second kick into SA2.

super 2 tops all supers for ibuki…

super 2 is barely used in japan compared to super 1 - which basically tells you that super 2 is useless.

it’s been my experience that you have to parry well upclose to use this effectively. in college this guy i call “the korean guy” had some really sweet set ups for super 2. after a knockdown he would set you up by doing dash crossups and occasionally do standing mk xx ex spin kick or mk into command grab or overhead xx ex spin kick. sometimes just dash and super. every now and then he would do standing mk, jab flip, land, super 2 and would mix it up by varing the flip heights and throwing knives.

still, many would agree with me that ibuki relies on ex moves and supers… super 1 = best.

I see how everyone uses SA1 with Ibuki but I rely on SA2 setups sooo much so I gotta go with Sa2 with Ibuki…

SA2 Ibuki won’t get you very far in any tourney. Ibuki takes damage too fast to warrang taking the risk of getting that close to the opponent. The range isn’t that great for the throw version either so if you miss you get a crappy fireball that does shit for damage and then you get Ken SA3’d afterwards. Again, Ibuki heavily relies on EX for her rush game so SA1 works much better in that department. SA3 is not bad since you can actually combo into it though that super also is not the easiest to set up. Not to mention it only has one short bar and the super itself doesn’t do hardcore damage.

You can combo into SA2…jump in with FP then SA2(close) combos and gets you the close UB(unblockable) that you want…

I use slide into SA2 also, launch to SA2 setups, anti-wakeup-rush setups, and baited counterhit setups.

Ibuki’s SA’s are as follows:


Also, Dark Geese, please use periods.


I guess I can use all the supers for Ibuki,obviously the longer the super the more EX she can use which clearly is her strength in the matter…but I can get SA2 on peopel pretty damn good, cause I can adapt to their strategy and catch them with it. Some will say “Ahh just jump when you sense he’s gonna do it” And I will say, “For everytime you jump I will walk under you launch you into whatever I want, possibly a SA2 setup hahaha”

Hmmm… The only good Use I have seen SAI (just the super) is chip damage and Sc.Jab xx S.Stg xx S.Frc xx EX SRK Kick Thing xx Super. Thats not much… BUT IBUKI NEEDS EX!!! So your comparing that fact to how good SAII and SAIII are (Super alone). Those supers aren’t really REALLY good (Ken SAIII, Chun SAII, etc.). So the EX the SAI offers is just why no one picks SAII or SAIII. We’re not saying that SAI (super alone) is better then SAII or SAIII (because it isn’t)., b+mp-hp xx dash, pause, SA2 from other side?


thats a great set up. i thunk i saw that in a vid i got but cant remember right now

Good one. Seeing these set ups makes me want to play SAII, lol!

I’ve seen Aruka do the, into the string, into the dash to cross over and I was like “oooohhhh…” because I was looking for a good way to cancel into the dash and crossover after the hk.

I think it was in the latest Ranbat. :smiley:

SA2 SUXORZ. :lol: To be truthful back in the Dreamcast days (when I didn’t know shit about Ibuki) I used it all the time. Just cuz I didn’t really know how to use Ibuki to begin with so I figured I’d be fine just using a random ass super. Now that I know Ibuki’s game a lot better (s.MK PWNS j00, TK SA1, etc.) she’s more fun for me to play than ever.

Doesn’t work in training mode (against Ken). Receiving player must have done something.


I don’t know what you could… do, being helplessly flying up, but maybe it was either a larger character (maybe it was Urien?), or maybe it was after a parry of a deep hit? I know it works on some people…

Actually, I’ve seen it work alot as well… but timeing it is a little weird sometimes. Then again I’m a not quite newb comming back after a 3 year pause (and only playing the 3 series since mid may.)

You know what setup works surprisingly well?

(blocked) Jab -> Strong -> Fierce XX Taunt, SA2 upon landing

This works well because they can’t are forced to take the taunt if they block it, and can’t do much about the SA2. Even if it’s parried, you can still land it of they don’t do anything. Even if for some reason, you connect the taunt, you’ll be safe because of it.

Another thing I do is I mixup my wakeups between T.Forward Kick (Overhead) and the taunt. People not paying attention will just eat an SA2 right as I land.

Sorry, but those are some bad mix up games. Like no one but newbs and a couple scrubs will fall for that shit.