Anyone have SF: The Movie on PSX?


I’ve been hearing for a long time now that the PSX version of SF:TM is actually playable, so I was wondering if anyone here has thoughts about it.

I’m currently trying to ebay it, but every time I do, some crazy bastard bids like, fifty effin’ dollars on it each time…


Where are your new videos at…upload some actually episodes please

i heard the saturn version owns…i never heard of the psx version


I have the saturn version, its playable but the load times are disgustingly bad so ive never put too much time into vs mode simply because im inpatient :slight_smile:

its basically capcom using the sprites from sf the movie and recoded the game so it plays like a slow paced ST

the arcade version is much prettier and more interesting IMO if only because all the silly shit you can do :slight_smile:


Sorry, it takes a long ass time to rip and upload em, so I stuck with clips for now. I’ll post another episode hopefully next week.


is the Saturn and PS1 version the same?


PSX version is just ST whit EX Moves.
At least the arcade version was innovative whit something…


Acctauly belive I played this again on saturn not to long ago, and it is a little more differnet then ST with ex moves. Certain moves dont act the same in it. Say for example, sagats high tiger shot ethier hits lower, or characters are taller, cuz say vega cant duck high tiger shots. Other random obscureties im sure, but I only played the game for half hour or so…

Oh and cammys EX drills is ridiculous, its like 10 hits of block damage, fast as fuck, invincable when it first comes out, and safe on block. And of course since EX moves in that game are free… Pretty dum move…


One thing I liked about that game: With Ken, you could jab Dragon punch anti-air, then EX dragon punch for 2-3 more hits. That shit was classy. And of course, you beat story mode and unlock [media=youtube]LRFU5diCD8M[/media].


This video should’ve been unlockable instead :angel: (it’s also from the SF: The Movie soundtrack)

and, reviving an earlier question, are the Saturn and PS1 version of this game the same?


The Psx version is totally different from the arcade, its riddled with slowdown and long loadtimes(even saturn ver), and is also a crappier game too!

Arcade version on Mame is the way to go if you want SF:TM. Do not bother otherwise.

I find it sad that ANYONE would bid as much as $50 for that awful game unless they’re hardcore collectors and want every SF title.

I remember watching that vid back in the day on the saturn version, brings back memories. I admit i liked that song and still think its kinda neat.

“Somebody tell me whyyyy!”

I think some movie characters made appearances in the video too, or at least lookalikes. Pretty sure i spotted the vega actor somewhere in there.


Oh, well, here you go.


I consider it a horrible conversion of ST whit real actors as characters.(After playing ST for Amiga, you can think anything about this game…)

EX moves are only infinite if your Super gauge is full, if it’s not, EX moves will consume 50% of the gauge.
And yeah, her EX Drill Kick is top tier…

I did…

ALL actors appeared in this clip, less Raul Julia for obvious reasons.


While we’re on the topic of street figher related music and videos… who the heck sings this?


no one relevant, that’s for sure.