Anyone have the MadCatz Fightstick Carrier?

Hey everyone, sorry if this isn’t in the right place, delete if needed. I did a search and couldn’t find any posts. Redirect me if there is one though that I didn’t see.

Anyways, anyone purchase any of the MadCatz bags? Or see them in person? I know they are good for carrying your fightstick and everything, but I’m also looking for it to be an ‘everyday’ sort of bag. I’m in college, so that’s what I’d mostly be using it for. It’s hard to tell what material it’s made out of, and exactly what I coudl fit in there (except the actual stick). Anyways, anyone purchase one and want to lmk any sort of feedback they have? Thanks in advance!

by fightstick, do you mean like a baseball bat?

Haven’t yet, but I’m thinking I’d want to pick up a Messenger bag. The problem is, the Messenger looks a lot cheaper (in terms of quality, not price) than the Carrier. So I’m getting indecisive.

Haven’t seen anyone use them…but the bag looks really cool.

Ask this question in our Tech forum. That’s where we talk about hardware exclusively.

I have the messenger…not worth it, trust me.