Anyone have third strike stage art?

looking for hi res stage backgrounds from 3rd strike… Can anyone link me to a site that has this… Cant find anything

this site has four, gill’s, hugo’s, sean’s and oro’s

well thats a huge help. im specifically looking for the subway station stage

Try the other threads users have created on the same topic, might get lucky and find it there

well i cant seem to find them in the thread search

asking again. there should be something floating around since third strike is almost out and they and stage art in the gallery. surely its available online as well. im looking for the subway stage


This site has for the most part all of the 3S stages, including NG and 2I. They’re broken down into layers, but they’re only like two to three layers and easy to put together via Photoshop or something.

damn that’s awesome.

wow pretty cool. thanks for that

Yeah, they’re not exactly hi res nor are they full backgrounds(certain layers are missing), but until someone manages to rip them from OE this’ll have to do for now.

Zweifuss is the shit, btw. Made so many SRK avatars thanks to it… :lovin: