Anyone having not so casual, casuls before evo? ;) MvC3

As everyone knows money matches are banned at evo. But if anyone is interested in getting some cough cough casual matches, that you would like to spice up and up the stakes. Please post here or send a pm, me and fanatiq would be interested. All challengers welcome! Let’s have fun guys.

Shout outs to two-man tournaments!

Me, Flash, Mike Infinite get to Vegas tonight around 1am! get ready


too cool to txt me I see.

I don’t know your number

Ill get in a match with you Ruin if you are down. I get into vegas wednesday afternoon.

yo i get in thurs, would be dope to link with u sir…

I would like to challenge you again ruin, let me know when you’re open ^^;

Is this a secret society of tossing money around? I want in!

btw I’m serious, message me please. I’ll be in Thursday around 5!

He’s a noob. Take his “casuals” from him. Lol jk good luck stone. Make tx proud

Stone pm me your number. we can definitely set something up. And Jint I live in vegas. So when u get here let’s get down! :slight_smile:

I would like to enter this two man tournament myself!