Anyone heard of the Pretty Fighter X sequel, Fist, for the Sega Saturn?


Apparently, there was a 3D sequel to the Pretty Fighter X game. This one only had 8 fighters like the first game. Marin and Ai from Pretty Fighter returned as well as Maria, the final boss from Pretty Fighter X.

The game also had 2 male characters added.

The new characters are:
A girl that trains in ninjutsu. She has black hair and brown eyes. Tokikaze dresses in her purple ninja uniform.

Bunny Mei
A Playboy bunny. Mei has blue hair in a long braid and blue eyes.

Masumi Dotsuk
A girl with pink hair and blue eyes and is considered the strangest fighter in the series. Dotsuki dresses in animal costumes everywhere she goes, including school.

One of the two new males. Arts wears an outfit similar to Terry Bogard and has a moveset like Jack’s, but is an entirely original character made for FIST.

The 2nd male. Andy has a small area of purple hair on his bald head and is also large. Andy uses wrestling moves and his size to take his enemies down.

Here is a video that I found of the game.

Thoughts on this Pretty Fighter sequel.


Yes, is real, and if Pretty Fighter X was bad, Fist is a magnum opus of bad fighting games.

Is even that bad that is actually some kind of meme at Nico Douga.


That first background is my favorite.

The extremely energetic, upbeat music matches the “desolate wasteland vibe” perfectly.


Yeah, I’ve got the SS version (it also came out for PS). It looks really ugly in motion though; the characters are practically boxes. Not to mention the horrid controls, which puts this game almost at the same depth as Fight for Life. The music is refreshingly solid like any game in the Pretty Fighter series though.


“Fist” contains no positive qualities.

Was Pretty Fighter X a bad game? Most certainly, but at least you could have fun with it given sufficient drink. There is no scenario where “Fist” would be a viable alternative to sitting and staring at a blank screen.


I’ve never even heard of this game. Sounds like something I should give a go. I’ve been on a real fighting game kick lately.