Anyone heard of this Hori gamepad?


I was browsing around ebay and i spotted this.

The Hori Analog Sindou Pad, i’ve never heard of it and i can’t find even a blurb about t anywhere so i’m wondering if anyone seen it before and its any good. All I know for sure is its a PS1 pad lol


Looks like Shatner.


a friend of mine here in chile has one, i found it pretty cool, but i’m not a joypad player, so i don’t mind :slight_smile:


Nope. What’s the appeal? The solid dpad? That’s why people were picking up the Hori pad for 360.


Yup it’s the dpad i’m interested in, the dual shock’s really hurts my thumbs after a half hour, gotten blisters from it.


yeah, dpad is very responsive :slight_smile: