Anyone here a member of Neogaf?

I came across a custom cover art thread they have there and signed up to share a couple that I’ve done myself. Two months later I’m still awaiting activation. Is there any way I can contact someone there to look into it?

Ive been waiting about 5. Good luck with that.

make that more than 1 year of wait… fuck them

Holy shit, had no idea Neogaf was some sort of exclusive club. I was just thinking of signing up over there too . . .

When I registered years ago, I got rejected. I didn’t even use a free email service.

So yeah they can live with their supposedly elitist isolationism.

Yeah, no idea what they’re on about. I just wanted to contribute a few covers and thank some folks for the ones they’ve done. Guess instead I’ll shamelessly take from them without giving anything in return. Disappointing because I really do want to give props for some amazing stuff I’ve seen.

Yo, shoutouts to Neogaf.

I’m still waiting on my activation…almost 2 years later.

every post on neogaf is written by a group of nine people

it’s a lot less exciting once you realize that

I’ve been registered for a while now. I’d say my getting in after only a matter of days was pretty much dumb luck, based on how new members are admitted (how long people have to wait is every bit as random as the examples posted in this thread).

Can’t think of any benefit of visiting Neogaf.

I’m a GAFfer actually…and had to wait something over 6 months to be added lol.
I’m currently banned though, until the 15th of Jan, for something of a silly matter…

At any rate, you gotta wait, and it’s a LONG wait =_=

@taito- I tend to mention video game news on NeoGAF here in SRK or in the PS3 thread~

The site sucks. They have such strict membership policies…Until you realize that the people they have allowed in are the same ones they try to avoid. I applied in 2007 or somewhere there, still no reply. Oh well.

OK… and other people like to get their news from Kotaku. The best sources for accurate news and smart analysis these days are Beyond3D, N4G, Blue’s News. This is an FGC site so the best fighting game resources should be well-known here. It also helps to follow the right (industry) people on Twitter to cut through misinformed rumors.

Why does it take so long to sign up with these guys?

( I never registered, just curious from everyone’s stories)

Is it still trendy to hate on Kotaku?

Tried to join the GAF in 2008, still not in. Would love to know the reason why they limit membership.

I’ve been a gaffer for a while now. At least 3 years. Even then I was waiting for a little bit during activation period, but I guess I got lucky.

It’s a crappy website. I’m not making fun of it because it’s trendy or whatev.