Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?


I’ve take it upon myself to add a mini keg in mine with the tap coming up the middle above the start buttons lol


no liquid is going ANYWHERE near my Kraylix!!! : P


Kray did say he didn’t know anyone doing what I am doing.


Alright man, just do some internal shots so we can see watcha got.


I don’t a place I can post them. I know that sounds like a cop out. I have them on FB but they don’t seem to link correctly.

Component list: Sony 3D LED TV, PS3, Monster Power Conditioner, Emotiva XDA-1, Hafler P3000, JL Audio speakers, Apogee cables, Sanwa Joysticks & buttons, Suzo Happ lighting kits & door, customer painted PS3 controllers, Linksys Gigabit switch, Silenx fans & PS360+ PCBs. :smiley:


post it or GTFO!


maybe when its done.


Hey guys, figured i would share my experiences with the group.First off i recommend using bondo and when you sand make sure the surface is completely smooth. Stay away from putties. The portions i used putty ended up cracking after the paint went on. Second, when you start to wet sand your clear coat don’t sand past the clear coat! screwed my CP paint job by doing this. Third, expect to spend A LOT of time on these cabinets. I basically gave up towards the end after spending a month on it. Lastly, expect to spend a lot of money on materials. (oh and bondo the entire thing, something i failed to do as you will see on the front of the cabinet.

All in all it is worth it but if you have little patients this is not the project for you. I ended


It is amazing on how much money you end up spending on this cabinet. One would not think of the misc things here and there. It adds up quickly.


Mine isn’t as nice as everyone else but didn’t really cost that much extra.

Car speakers
Small amp
2 pcb
Sand paper

If anything it’s just time consuming. Especially if you’re new to this. That’s why you get kray to paint for you if you have the money. For me I’m too cheap to go that route haha.

Kray does amazing work that’s why I continue to buy his cabs. Can’t wait to finish my head to head this summer.


I agree on the time, definitely a lot is required and patients. As far as money spent on the cab that depends on what you decide to put in it like:
Sound system (maybe a receiver, subwoorfer)
Paint (paint booth??)
Coin door. etc…


So I’ve run into some issues. And I’m not sure where to go next. I decided to pick up some alternate PCBs since the PS 360+ is still MIA. So I got the Godlike controls MC CTHULHU. I read all the documentation. I tested the PCB into a computer. So I wire up the joystick [Sanwa JLF] ONLY to check connections, Up, Down, Left, Right and Ground. I plug the USB A -> USB B (PS3) and the joystick does not function. It does not seem like any input is going into the PS3. Is there a setting on the PS3, I need to change? Does the PCB need to be plugged in BEFORE PS3 is turned on. I know my USB cable works…so I’m sure there is something I’m missing.


IIRC you can’t boot a PS3 with a wired controller, try starting up and signing in on the PS3 with a Dualshock 3 first. I mean if you can boot the PS3 with the DS3 and then plug in the Toodles but it still doesn’t register then power might not be flowing correctly.


I realize a wired controller can’t turn on the PS3. I thought maybe the PCB isn’t plug and play and has to be plugged into prior to the console starting up. Wasn’t sure. When tested with a CPU it shows up in the System Log under USB so its recognized. A little more about my system. Sanwa JLF -> JLF wiring harness -> PCB -> USB A -> USB -> to PS3. I thought maybe the JLF was mounted the wrong direction, but I got NO directional input from any direction. I wired up one button just to be sure and the buttons didn’t work either. The directions seem simple so, who knows?


If it comes up on the PC and you can get directional input but nothing happens with the PS3 then it might be firmware/software? You should PM Toodles directly and see if he can troubleshoot for you.


This is what i have so far let me know what you guys think


same color scheme for my head to head. looks great man!


Looks good man. Did you do the painting yourself?


Nope I took it to a local auto body shop and they were able to paint it for me. I did all of the sanding and priming for them basically all the hard labor.


That’s cool man. I painted mine myself along with the sanding ect…it did not come out the way i wanted it too, but oh well maybe I’ll re-do the paint job one day. I’ll post pics once I’m completely done though.