Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?


This is what i have so far let me know what you guys think


same color scheme for my head to head. looks great man!


Looks good man. Did you do the painting yourself?


Nope I took it to a local auto body shop and they were able to paint it for me. I did all of the sanding and priming for them basically all the hard labor.


That’s cool man. I painted mine myself along with the sanding ect…it did not come out the way i wanted it too, but oh well maybe I’ll re-do the paint job one day. I’ll post pics once I’m completely done though.


how much did that cost you?


Looks great. I would get red inserts for the coin returns though and paint the bolts/screws on the sides black.


He did the paint for 300

Edit: He only did it that cheap because he agreed not to do any type of prep work on it.


thanks for the info.


Looks sooooo good. I called four different auto body paint places near me and NO ONE wanted to mess with my cabinet. I would have gladly paid 300-400 dollars for a paint job. Besides it cost me nearly that much in supplies to do a half as job.


Can someone upload the files for the Vewlix Control Panel and SSF4 AE movelists also? The links are dead from the previous pages… :*(


Kraylix V4 PSD Template (big file 273 MB) you’ll need Adobe PhotoShop to open it. The AE move list is in Japanese.




are the LCDs being used usually 32 inches?


32 or evo monitor 23 model


2-player is 32"
1-player slim 23" Evo monitors


Anyone have the kraylix slim template with precut holes?


Can anyone suggest some good fans to put in a cab? I’m going to be running a PS3 Slim inside mine and want that sucker ice cold.

Questions about candy cabinets

Any decent 120mm case fan should work. At first I had Antecs in my cab, before I decided I wanted the color of the fans to match my accent color.


Yeah I was checking up on you cab earlier; plus shae’s and the dude with the yellow vewlix. I’m going between these two Antecs; seem to have good reviews and look powerful.

Just need to figure out how many and if I can wire them up to my salvaged dell power supply.