Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?


Hey guys, i’m interested in getting one. Is there a template available so i can manipulate colors? I tried searching this thread but keep getting database errors. I want a white one with mirror finish. I’m hoping kray can paint it :slight_smile:


It sounds like you want white gloss finish. Kray contracts the painting out to professional automotive guys. So the paint and quality are very good. They should be able to paint it any color you want. Customization is more.


Went with artwork should been here tomorrow. They even called to confirm the dimensions and layout.


Did you get your marquee backlit? I made the mistake in just using photo paper to print…Looks nice during the day but when i have the lights off i want it to shine :frowning:


I got everything backlit, yes. I still don’t know how it will look with the lighting kits I have. My kits are from Suzo Happ and they are for cabinets, but you never know. I hope the colors don’t wash out too much. I figured 2 of the 3 panels will be lit (marquee & move list) If I ever decide to back light the control panel (with EL panels) like Dirty-D, I’ll already have it printed on the right paper. I may not do this because thats A LOT of light. And I think the marquee and move list are enough. My artwork should be here today. I know this question was asked before, but no real answer was given. How do you cut the holes for the 24mm & 30mm buttons. I doubt my hand is that steady with just an Xacto knife. Ultimately, I’m not putting the cutouts inside my buttons, so it its slightly off, the button surround will probably cover this up.


What i did was put the art on top of the control panel & then put the plexi on top of the art…Get an exacto knife & slice the holes horizontally & vertically…Kind of a like a pizza w/ 4 slices…Then i would carve around it…

Here is the thread if you want to keep the button holes for art.


I pm’d you about a 2player panel kray


So my girl and I are finally moving into a bigger place which means I can have my home office and a cab! She gave me the green light last night over dinner so soon I’ll be a part of the club. Kray’s got my money.


Where your Kraylix at??? I’m almost happy with mine and ready for unveil. I think I may switch up the artwork though.


Haha I’m still patiently waiting for my turn on the waiting list. I put my money down for my un-painted v4 2 player cab at the end of last month but I think I read it usually takes about 2 months to ship. We’re all moved into our new place and I already have a corner in the living room ready for my Kraylix.

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Living room…huh? Thats what I did. I’ve seen people with them in the bedrooms etc. And don’t get me wrong thats cool. But something like this is an “art piece” its too COOL to NOT have it display where everyone can see. Unpainted is WORK…but it’ll be easier to work on. Its sometimes hard to mount things when fully assembled. I think if I build another one, I’d like it unpainted.


My vewlix cabs are in the garage, asian wife would kill me if i had inside the living room…


goddamn these are sexy


I’m actually a professional color matcher, I paint things for a living. I’ve always been the do it yourself kind of guy. I don’t think I’m spraying my Kraylix though, don’t feel like dragging everything to the shop and setting up our spray booths.

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Spray booths, spray booths…SPRAY BOOTHS!!! Come ON! Don’t skim. Make it HOT!


Oh you know I’m gonna make that shit hot. I’m thinking of just using a brush on color to keep it simple. I will most likely spray on a nice thick clear coat and buff it to a mirror shine.afterwards.

You know what… I haven’t even thought about the color scheme!

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I decided to leave my the “classic” black so if I want to change up the artwork or theme I’m not “locked” into a color scheme. I let the color from from the art, joystick and buttons.


You know what, I was actually thinking of doing a sort of neutral grey scheme for the cab and having a pop of color in the art and hardware.

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My accent color is yellow and gold so its AWESOME!!!


Too much talk more Kraylix pics!