Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?



That is the TV I bought (Panasonic TC-L32X1) to go with vewlix kit I ordered from Kray. I heard lag was very minute compared to other LCD’s. I ended up paying $288.00 brand new/open box after they applied some coupon.


Hey everbody this is Kray I’m the one from TX selling the kit. I was planning to put them on the forum but was too busy. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions here…


It’s $800 for a painted cabinet but if I paint it I have to ship it fully assembled because of the bodyfiller. I use them to make the arch and side seamless. Once it?s painted, it?s not possible to take them apart again therefore I have to ship it fully assembled. Shipping a fully assembled cabinet is very expensive therefore I only do them local here. The cabinet will accept most 32" standard LDC. If your TV is bigger than these deminsions it won’t fit 32x4x21.5x.


How much for the VLX stand?


Yes I’m working on the VLX stand it will be similar to singlongkuen but I will have the bevel side legs and control panel to give it more of a vewlix looks.


I’m still woriking on it and haven’t decided on the final price yet. Maybe somewhere between $250-$300 painted. I’ll let you know as soon as I finish building my first one.


Thanks Man!!


Not bad. Mine would have to be unpainted since I live in CT.


Yea I ship anywhere in the US.


The stand has no arch so I can ship it painted and unassemble.



You can fit stock viewlix panels on the control panel? Like the ones you can buy from akihabara shop will fit right no no problem?


Thanks Dude! I’m glad you like your kit. Was it difficult to assemble?


Do you have an ordering website and written assembly instructions?


I think Kray answered all the questions.

Kray, good to see you on here man!


Not at all.


im definatly going to buy 1 soon do u think you’ll still be selling in a month?? also i live in an apartment and have no experience painting wood do you think this will be too hard to start learning on?


dam looks nice


Kray all the way!! I can’t wait for this bad mamma jamma to arrive


I don’t have a website yet just my blog…
Custom Vewlix: Vewlix Kits

I’m in the middle of updaing my instruction manual and will post it there aslo.


Yes, I will still be around…

I have to admit…Painting is a pain in the butt due to all the long preparation (sanding, priming, etc…but it will pay off if you do it right!!

I’ve seen alot of DIY that paint their own cabinet that looked really good!!