Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?

My Kraylix is almost complete! :smiley:

I’m just about done…just a few more minor things!!! Apparently my upload isn’t working properly. How do you post pics?

I’m keeping my visible Sony logo. I think its nice to know what kinda display is in there. I did raise the TV slightly due to its shallow bezel, so my logo isn’t obstructed in anyway. I still don’t know how to post pics on here. Sorry for the novice question.

I think you have to post them somewhere else then click the “insert/edit image” button and give the pop up the url to your image? Not sure, haven’t done it myself :blush:

You host the image somewhere, like photo bucket. Then you post the URL in your message surrounded by



I guess I only really post personal pics and stuff at FaceBook. I guess I’ll figure out something though. People gotta see this thing.

Has anyone used a slim cab for a mame setup. Theses look great just sold my 4-player Simpsons bc i want something smaller.

That’s what I’m intending for mine… going to have a ps3 in there for modern fighters and a mame box for old school arcade action. I found a usb kvm switch whose “switcher button” is on an extension cord-thingy so I’ll hide that on the back/side beside the tv to easily switch between the two.

I’m probably being unclear on what I mean about the kvm switch so here it is:

if the switch has a button…like this does, just remember you can run that button through the little gap where the control panel meets the legs. There is space for maybe 1-2 cables. I’ve run my SIXAXIS charge on one side and a spectator camera on there other. Very slick. And neat.

Has anyone ordered a kraylix with 6 buttons? Also, any idea about shipping to BC Canada?

I’m sure Kray can pocket a six button layout for you. Shipping you’ll need to verify that with him. Just shoot him an email about your questions he’ll answer you pretty quickly.

Here’s some art that I put together for my Kraylix cabinet. This isn’t my original art, I adapted it for use on the cabinet.

Wow that’s really nice mate, any chance you can upload the large psd templete to the cloud somewhere and share this design?
thanks so much

Sure, here’s a link to the file in Photoshop format.

My Kraylix finally came back from Paint today. The guy did an ok job. I’m a very picky customer, so I give him an 81%. There are somethings he didn’t do as well as I would have (if I had a garage to paint it in) but overall it looks fine. My phone died navigating me to his shop, so pictures will come later. Once the paint is fully cured and the cabinet has been in my house for a day or so I will fully assemble it and start wiring it up!

nothing against anyones art or decisions…but I see problems calling this “Vewlix” as it has nothing to do with Taito AT ALL!!! Do what you want, but my proudly says KRAYLIX. Giving props to the creator, fabricator and builder. I’m just saying.

You’re right, I actually had the same thoughts. My Kraylix is fully assembled with the art printed, but when I swap the marquee to backlit photo paper I had already decided to swap to the Kraylix logo from the Vewlix one.

rix9 - Really cool art & i dont even like SFIV…

I have 2 Kraylix slims w/ 6button setup from Kray

Just got the speakers, back light for the marquee installed… but you all have to wait for pictures!

Ok… here is a teaser. I just got the TV mounted. Turns out the slim bezel kind-of not good for these. I will have to rethink the mounting/no plexi… me thinks.