Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?

Hello All,

I have been looking at the VEWLIX kits here from KRAY and was wondering if anyone here has purchased one, and if they could please provide feedback.

Custom Vewlix

Thanks in advance.

jamesepoop just paid for one.

Nice. Please let me know your thoughts once you get some hands on time with it.

Will do.

Very well done I must say.

$535 with shipping including (for the Mad Catz TE version).

(Can’t do anything about the shipping cost. It is what it is! Unless you live in Texas and have a good size truck or fold down your sedan’s second seat, how else are you gonna get this?)

That’s actually not a bad price when you think about it! Kit doesn’t look like it’d be difficult to build up, either. If you can handle desks or bookcases, you can certainly build this up, too.

MDF’s not bad material. Sure, it takes some patience to paint but from what I hear it’s a lot better than plywood (no creaking!) and holds up fairly well.

If I had the inclination for this (arcade system set-up, MAME, etc.) AND the space, a stained wood like might not look half bad. It would be a neat-looking cabinet!

It was $180 to ship from Texas to California.

Well, Kray said $185 for anywhere US.

I bought one from Kray about 2 weeks ago. Kray has provided great customer service since day one. For those of you wondering about the quality of the cabinet, it is awesome. I am getting ready to paint it. The build quality is superb as well as his customer service. If you are able to get it fully painted, go for it. It is alot of work and takes up alot of time. I will be posting pictures of it soon in a whole new thread to show you guys the progress. Kray is the MAN!!!

I’ve been emailing with him as well, I’m about ready to pull the trigger, was waiting to see how the pack shipped and was assembled…

ONE100BILL, if you get a chance, I’m sure a few members would love to see your progress and credit given to Kray for the product =)

I emailed Kray a few days ago since I saw his Craigslist post. I told him about Shoryuken & he said he’ll post here soon. Not sure he wants me to post his price quote or not but lets just say it’s very reasonable for the lower half Vewlix-style cabinet painted (yes, he paints it also for an additional charge). Thankfully, he’s only ~45-mins away from me, woohoo!!! As soon as I pull the trigger on a VLX, I’m getting this bad boy!

what is the cost for paint?

also he has the other prices on his site
TE version for $350
Custom 2 player version for $375.
All the kit will be made out of MDF only.
Shipping and handling is $185 anywhere in the US.

what size tv fits in those cabs?

If you guys can afford a full painted one I would highly recommend it unless you are familiar with body filler, sanding, priming and painting. It is a pain in the behind. I would’ve paid double just avoid the work. Either way I will post pictures hopefully today. I highly recommend him if you are looking to buy one and the quality of his product and customer service is superb.

Thank god I live in Texas


I was planning on building a vewlix for a mame machine, but if these kits are legit I might go this route.

Inquired on pricing of the vlx lower

He ships to Cali? I stopped responding to my emails a few months ago :frowning:

Ima hit him up again.

ordered one today,I still have a real vewlix panel to use with this,if everything goes well I want him to make me a mini one for my vlx and an evo asus.the model of monitor that has been lag tested and fits the current kit is Panasonic Viera TC-L32X1,also take 4.5 car audio speakers.

Hey Butteroj,

What do you mean vlx lower? I saw a cabinet on youtube which just supports the vlx. Does he make that one? I would love to buy one.

Please tell me he does. I’d like to buy one so bad. LOL!

He just sells the bottom portion of the cab?

Nucking Futs! is contact Kray to commission the VLX Stand using the build by singlongkuen.