Anyone here do Atomiswave consolization?



Looking to get my Atomiswave board consolized. Does anyone here offer this service or can recommend a modder for me?

Thanks in advance.


No one I can say by name. Not that I don’t know I just don’t remember who it was that offering Consolization services…
I would offer myself for the work as I built super guns before but I never messed with the Atomswave.
The concepts are the same.

I would try and hit up other gaming forums if no one else here offers help, Shmup forums, Neo Geo Forums, Nintendo Age ect.


Yeah from what I also understand it’s very similar, I think the hard part about the Atomiswave might be cramming all the components needed in that case.

I’ve seen the consolized systems on eBay a long time ago but they were asking around $800 and I already own the Atomiswave so I didn’t go that route.

I will hit up one of those sites too, thanks!