Anyone here ever modded an HPS-10, Real Arcade PS?

Looking for any tutorials or even just tips on modding this thing.

Yes, what do you need?

Well, I pretty much just want to switch out the stick and buttons for newer parts, and give the face-plate some art. The stick is no problem, but the buttons being directly attached on the circuit board without any cords in between them makes this rather tricky. This is my first time attempting any modding, so bear with me here xp
EDIT: Thank you sooooo much! I remember you from my last thread when I was trying to figure out what the stick even was.

Any suggestions on the best place to buy the parts?

Focus Attack.

Uh, the link you gave me is not for the same arcade stick. Heres a quick photo of the inside so you can see how the buttons are directly attached

I know.

They are all the same.
HORI Fighting Stick 3
HORI Fighting Stick EX
HORI Fighting Stick Wii

Any HORI Fighting Stick.
Namco is one can follow too.
There a lot in Tech Talk you can choose.

I said before that the problem is having the buttons directly attached to the PCB. In that guide the PCB is attached to the case with screws. As you can see in the picture above, there are no screws attaching it to the case.

I don’t see a problem.
You just do what the guides tell you.
Not necessarily the one I linked, but the ones I mention.

You need soldering iron and desoldering stuff.

The problem is that having the buttons attached the the PCB without cords makes tutorials with the wires connecting them together a little unhelpful. I’m going to check out the other ones you mentioned.

None of the HORI Fighting Sticks have wires connected to Buttons.
So tutorials with wires to Buttons should not confuse you.

I forgot to add HORI Fighting Stick V3 and HORI Fighting Stick VX to the list.
Any of the HORI Fighting Stick tutorials can be used.
They are all the same.

What James is saying is that, whatever you do, you will have to desolder and get rid of that board.

In other words.

Ok, I now see what you guys are saying here. Sorry if I’m being pain or anything. I guess my problem was that all the guides I found never explained things well enough for morons like me :v
Thanks for the help, you two.