Anyone here from detroit or michigan?

its to bad there is not much of a scene here. maybe if there are enough ppl here we can make one

Man Im from Detroit, Live in flint now. There is no Scene in Michigan at all. Might be worth it to see if we can get one started.

ya i live at WSU now, and everyone just plays madden or COD. noone even trys the fighting games. its annoying.

I have a small group of friends that like to play fighting games Probably about 7 of us. I have been thinking about expanding our scene for a while but its hard to find a venue. there are NO arcades in MI anymore. Would probably have to do it house tourney style starting out.

Please go to the regional match making section there are threads for Detroit/Michigan.

Check out the regional section of the forums. I’m from MI, but I’m moving in a week so it doesn’t matter.

Post #5 & 6 tell the story