Anyone here getting NCONR3

Im honestly kinda intrested in this game now that it has wi-fi anyone else planning on getting this game as well?

Me definitely.

I’m gonna have it for sure

This game will be awesome. I had a blast playing the demo.:rolleyes:

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…I’m sorry I don’t quite follow you. You mind explaining your comment?

its spam, look at the sig

You bet ya I’ll be getting NSCONR3! Can’t wait to see what they changed for this game.

I’m getting it. I heard Sasuke wasn’t on there…

Of course i’m gettin this game i’m a real big fan of naruto so this will be the best one yet, and sasuke is on it sir ^^. Also is there a thread on the site to where we can exchange friend codes?

no he’s in there…the was a leak with all the characters that got posted in a dif thread by Slamtastic.

If anyone in the Midwest is getting this game we have a REAL offline scene for this game. hit me up for details

I just got! They made this game really balanced. Everything is really good, but the online there is a lot of button delay.

Would love to meet more people that play this game. I love 2 v 2.

Yep, for sure!

a thread is up in FG discussion