Anyone here have suggestions for a VGA-Component video converter?

I’m wondering what’s out there and what’s any good. The venue our local scene uses for weekly hookups has a big screen projector, but we always play on the monitors we bring because it’s too much of a pain usually to focus on the big screen when you’re trying to play, as nice as it is. But I do want to have something up there for spectators or passers-by to look at instead of the little 21" monitor below it. The problem is that the only connection that can go to the projector is a component video one, which doesn’t work with any of out monitors. I did try one method before with an HD Box Pro which converted the component video (which I was able to use splitters to get to the projector) to VGA, but the video on the monitor was really washed out and for some reason, actually hurt my eyes to focus on. So I’m thinking of trying it the other way around by simple running VGA straight to the monitor and sticking a converter between the 360 and monitor to go to the projector.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc.? Thanks!