Anyone here know how to make a podcast?

So yeah with all the mixes that I have I’m thinking about making podcasts out of them to share with the entire world…the problem is I have NO idea on how to go about this (from what I seen to make the buff bomb ass podcasts with the track marks within them you need a mac to make it happen. So yeah anyone know how to do this?

Record yourself talking.
Encode as MP3.
Upload to website.

What FatBear said.
If you want it to be HI-TECH, then after step 3, you make an RSS feed to announce the MP3s that you have made. But mainly it’s the first 3 - step 4 is optional.

How about splitting the podcast into tracks, that’s what i’m mainly looking for.

Also shadowless, your avatar soothes my soul.

I dunno, I’ve never seen a podcast like that. Or maybe I have and I didn’t realize it. But I don’t think it makes or breaks a podcast.

Btw, what’s the subject of the podcast?

In iTunes, there’s a music podcast called “Radio 538: Dance Department” which is about 70 minutes per podcast but is split into at least 10 tracks. During the podcast, various pictures will pop up when the song and/or event changes. Check it out.

Note: You’ll get the full effect when it’s downloaded onto your iPod.

EDIT: Search for “Radio 538: Tiesto’s Club Life” as wel, Frank.You might like that =P

I don’t think a “podcast” is what you’re really looking for. A podcast is usually just people talking, maybe with some music thrown in. Its mostly just like a radio show though, just put up on the net.

It sounds like you just want to put an mp3 up somewhere, but split up into tracks with a cue file. I did this with the mix I was fucking around with… I forget exactly how, but you basically just create a cue file (its just a text file) and then use something like cuesplitter that will read the cuefile and split the actual file up accordingly. Google “creating a cue file” or something like that.

well now that I think about it, theres the proprietary “podcast” format that only works on itunes/podcast players, but .mp3 IMO is generally a better format for anything

Ray hit the nail on the head, and the Radio 538: Tiesto’s club life is exactly the format I was looking for (been subscribed to it)

And the podcasts are going to be my mixes, I don’t think i’m going to be doing any talking on them at first. But I do want to have the pictures and stuff while the music is playing. I guess to see what I’m talking about is to just get one of the Tiesto club life podcasts to see what I’m talking about.