Anyone here modded a Hori Fighting Stick 3? Need recommendations

I am looking to undertake my first stick modification ever, and I am sorely in need advice. I am wanting to install an octagonal gate on my Hori Fighting Stick 3 (PS3), but am not sure which brand/make of restrictor plate I would need, nor do I know the relative difficulty of the modification I am hoping to do. I have seen videos for modifying the MadCatz Fightstick (TE), which looked quite simple and straightforward. However, as I do not know the make of the parts in my stick—nor have I ever even cracked the thing open—I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy the same simplicity. It looks like it should be a simple matter of taking a philips-head screwdriver to the six screws underneath, gently pulling the thing apart, and swapping out the gate, just like the MadCatz stick. I’ll admit, though, that this is purely speculation.

If anyone has ever modified one of these sticks, or even can point me in the right direction as to where I can buy the necessary parts (links would be awesome!), I would very much appreciate the assist. I can provide a picture of the stick in question if necessary. The only reason I did not include one with the original post is because I don’t have access to my stick presently, although I’m sure some people here know so much about this stuff that they already know the, make, model, and the components of the stick offhand.

Any advice would be duly appreciated!

Wow–thank you so much for the quick response!

It says that it’s for the 360, but the innards should be more or less identical to the PS3 version, correct?

Quick question that occurred to me while I was reading this and pondering the mod (and pardon me as I demonstrate a spectacular degree of noobitude): if I just want to add the octagonal gate but leave the original stick and buttons untouched, will I need to do any soldering? From the look of jdm714’s link, the answer is yes. Just want to make sure before I go off and try to track down a soldering iron for the job.

Soldering is used to connect electronics together. There is nothing electronic about an octagonal gate, it is merely a piece of plastic that keeps the stick from moving outside of the octagon shape.

You won’t need to solder just to change gates. You will still need to drill holes into the octagonal gate, though.!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/3/24_Hori_EX2_Cherry_Switches_%2B_Octogate_quick_mod.html

Hori Fighting Stick mod is a very painful thing to do.

Yeah not really a great one to start out with. It is Extremely easy to destroy every part of your project on this full mod. I wish you well, but i don’t recommend this unless you have lots of spare parts, tools, and some serious patience.

Otherwise what I would suggest is taking advantage of a Hori stick from or do the buy one get one free brawl stick from the MadCatz Gameshark store while you still can.

Hm… thanks for the input. Definitely don’t want to brick my stick, so maybe I’ll look into one of those other options. Thanks for the advice!

All you need is screwdriver and drill.
You can’t mess up.

Both the links I give you show that.
Both my links show no soldering.

You’re only wanting to swap with Sanwa GT-Y.
I show you how.

I’ll even ship to you a pre-drilled Sanwa GT-Y.
Would you be afraid to mod still?
Just need a screwdriver.

Haha nah man, I realized.after the last reply that a few of the others in this topic must have thought I meant that I wanted to swap out buttons and my stick along with just the restrictor plate. That much became abundantly clear once I took another look at your newest link! You weren’t actually serious about sending a pre-drilled restrictor plate were you haha?

I’m serious, because it was making me mad see you quit so easily.

Step 16 and Step 17 for first link.
Step 2 and Step 4 and Step 6 for second link.


I think I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the advice, everyone!