Anyone here play BlazBlue CS?


The topic says it all. I’m looking for opponents.

My biggest problem is connection. I can play with anyone that is inside South America. Others, I prefer to test the connection before.Due to the distance, the game gs.

I haven’t saw any other topics for online matchups about this game.

I main Litchi most of the times, but I still use Noel, Ragna and Tsubaki sometimes
If anyone is interested to play send me a message. I play on PSN, the ID is Seph_luis_br.


I live in Canada and i have play with another person from Mexico. His connection is usually good with mine, but I can’t say much. IF you want to try it out, add my PSN : Celis777


werd the game rocks, it just has a high learning curve. which sometimes makes not want to play.


ya i play barely but add me if you like. You can beast me


Just got this game today at roger’s for 30 bucks, not bad considering the game just got released.
I’m gonna try it out later when I have time, so I wouldn’t advise for anyone to add me cause I’m gonna be a total scrub. Never played Calamity Trigger, or guilty gears for that matter.


add me if u want… i play with Hazama and noel…

psn Excstazy