Anyone here play KOF 98?

Is it any fun, and who is top tier?

I play 98, IIRC, Choi, Chizuru are top.
D.Geese’s thread should have a shit load of info.

iori, Goro, Chizuru and some others are considered top. I play it, it’s nice…I think the movelists of 98 are deeper than 2k2’s. If only that game had a deeper combo system…

does anyone know if you can buy the game in the states or is it import only?

ill play

on kb

I think a remake will be released soon for the Ps2 so i would say import that when it comes out.

But the original version is cool too:smokin:

in the US I think is available for dreamcast only

The top tier is Kyo,Beni,Goro,Chizuru, and O-Yash

Chris,Choi, Chang, Clark, Takuma are just below them. Generally, the top tier is 98 is annoying but not unbeatable.

The combo depth in 98 is sufficient, and there are some quirky combos with some characters.

Why is benimaru toptier?

It’s coming to the JPN PS2 with new backgrounds and the 96 boss team has been added. There is another thread about this with more detailed info, but thats the main stuff.

I.M.O. Kyo, Iori, and Chris are the top tier and Daimon, O.Yash, O.Chris, Chiz, Beni, Ralf and MAYBE Terry are right below them. Feel free to disagree with this and call me a scrub cause I’m not actually going to back it up with any reasoning or proof.

Why is Benimaru toptier. A lot of his normals are very powerful.

He has a very good poking good with stand C/D/sweep. Also, his DP is one of the best DP’s in the game, and the B version is hard to punish. He also has a fairly safe tick move in hcb+A

His jump game is very powerful. His jumping D crosses up like Ken’s jump forward- seems to land a lot of crossups. His combo ability is quite high as well, so he has Ken-like rushdown power. Also he has the air lightning first, which can stuff/counter a lot of attempts to anti-air him, or at least give you something to think about in the air.

He does have a command grab and DM to boot, though they aren’t really needed. Also, unlike Kyo/Goro/Chizuru- he doesn’t really have a char that beats him bad.

BTW Dandy J, that’s a pretty close analysis. 98 tiers outside of Iori/Goro being obviously top get debated pretty heavily. That’s one reason why if the rumors are true, those two chars are getting nerfed slightly in UM

(Rumors are Iori loses invincibility on his Maiden Masher and maybe his backdash glitch, and Goro loses his glitch combo- the original game will still be in for those who like glitchy bugs- was posted on MMCafe months ago) Also the version infested jester is talking about will add bugfixes- such as removing the extra mode infinites (Extra mode is getting reworked to make up for it), unblockable bugs, alternate guard, etc…

I’ll miss the backdash glitch since almost every Iori uses it to start the round, which made figuring out opening move easy.

hop D hop D empty hop grab -> run -> grab/hop D

daimon in a bucket

there was kof 98 for PS 1 too

Actually…hop D, hop D(opponent alternate guards), you empty hop grab and whiff, Goro gets comboed for 50%…

Generally I don’t like overusing alternate guard since I think it can be countered if you continuously do it but in that strategy it’s not going to fail…although overusing alternate guard on a grappler like O Yashiro is more dangerous.

I have the DC version. I think is the best one right now, but wait for the PS2 version; If you don’t own a DC.

You can look or search for some TGB matches at youtube (the best one I ever seen), and you will know what top tiers are used by the pro players.

The combo system is quite easy to get use to, and you can have deeper combos, if you know what characters to use.

Just to finish, KOF 98 is the best KOF out there to the date of the series.

PD this are just my opinions!

take a joke moron.

Theres a thread in Other Games that talks about this and also this whole discussion couldve been taken care of in my thread I assure you…

But oh well.

And by now after getting back from EVO North most of the stuff I see has been covered.

Otome_Yosuke plays lol! Right Geese?

He said, from the japanese standpoint, that top is Ralph, Goro, Chiz, Choi, Iori, O.Yash, Chris

A PS2 collection? I thought they already had the 2002/2003 one. Anyone confirm other collection with 98?