Anyone here playing Magic the gathering Tactics


i was just wondering cause it came out 2 weeks ago and its free to play.

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics


Only problem is it’s run by SOE, who is notorious for turning “free” games into money sinks and completely ignoring fan feedback (and bugs).


Do tell Spoony, I’m interested.


Free 2 Play in the same way that a free store Magic Starter deck is Free 2 Play.


Oh, so you mean free like as when a pimp inject a 14 year old runaways with some free crack cocaine so he can but that bottom bitch on the corner?


Pretty much.

Booster Packs 4tw.


that is a very appropriate name if you are going to make this thread.

As far as the game goes it looks interesting but I can’t see myself wanting to buy virtual boosters for yet another thing


whats the appropriate name?

ive spent $20 oo it so far and i can see how i can sink into something like this. but i have heard a lot of what spooty said before which is scary


city of brass

a mans magic card


Uh, how else are F2P games supposed to make money?


I saw a video before and it didn’t look too good, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out. I’d probably be more inclined to spend money on virtual packs for MTGO than for this though.


Let’s take PoxNora for example.

In 2009 SOE bought PoxNora (a game much like MtG:T). The first thing SOE did was to hike the prices of all content. They introduced “limited” cards which had to be bought (at random) from high priced packs. A little while later, they got rid of the single player rewards, meaning you couldn’t get free packs from playing the single player campaign. Then, SOE removed the tournament rewards, and you could no longer get packs from winning a tournament.

See where this is going?